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Bow Wow Confirms Relationship With Model Ayisha Diaz [PHOTOS]


While the Hip-Hop world gobbled up tidbits of the nuptials of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, another rapper in the spotlight quietly secured him a Bangin Candy starlet all the same.

106 & Park host Bow Wow took to his social media account to announce he was officially in a relationship with model Ayisha Diaz via his Instagram account.

“She been out there in the battlefield too long w/ you thirsty DM’n her all day parched mouth n*****s Made her apart of my army and she aint thinking bout going awol. Mix that w/ a fly n**** like me and some bomb ____ Well.. Ladies know… @ayishadiaz,” the canine rapper happily posted as he promoted his favored clothing line of the moment. And luckily for him, she felt the exact same way.

“Act like a King to be treated like one @bowwow,” she had posted a few weeks back as speculation between the two began to simmer. Diaz has also been building her résumé as a video vixen with appearances in Wale’s “Clappers” and Chris Brown’s “Transform Ya,” to name a few. The perks of being aligned with Mr. 106 & Park will surely bring forth more prestigious appearances as well.

Public relationships can be recipe for disaster if all ends unwell but in the intermediate timeframe, the couple looks happy as they come.

Check out pictures of them in the numbered gallery below.

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  • guest

    what relationship, lol you mean situationship…. All i can say Bow, don’t get back broke again…. The minute you go that route. She will leave you. Note: this is not her first serious so-called relationship. She dated couple other lame rappers besides Bow. Lloyd Banks and Joe Budden. Good Luck

  • Julie

    First off, RIP Maya Angelou… We living in a world captains saving Ho’s…. When will these fools will ever learn you cannot turn these Ho’s into housewives… Never worked. It didn’t work for Karrine Steffens aka Superhead, Kim Kardishian had 2 fails. Her first husband at the age of 19 second husband age of 30 now she on her third one Kanye. We’ll see how long this so-called marriage will last smh….. Either a Hoe going to get played or a player going to get Heauxed,…

  • anoymous

    smh gots to be a joke….. One one word comment…… MONEY……..

  • one tha coldest girls in tha world cuh