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As you all may have learned by now, world renowned author and poet Dr. Maya Angelou dearly departed earlier this morning (May 28) at her home in Winston-Salem, NC.

To say Angelou’s life was accomplished would be a mere euphemism. Apart from being a high school dropout and a single mother at 17, Angelou was also a victim of rape and incest. Despite the atrocities she experienced at the hand’s of her own mother’s negligence, she managed to become a national treasure as a literary icon and poet laureate, lending example to the idea that no life experience should be undervalued.

Needless to say, all this is but a half-assed (and ultimately unneeded) attempt to praise a woman writer whose words, literally, changed my life. Very few spirits moved me the way hers did. Some of the joys I experienced was because of the fact Maya Angelou was writing poetry.

In light of her passing (she was 86), we present to you a few of our favorite quotes by the great Miss Maya Angelou. Thumb through the following pages for a few words to remember her by.

Rest In Peace.

Photos: WENN

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