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Brooklyn Rapper’s Supporters Accused Of “Eyeballing” Witness During Murder Trial


Brooklyn rapper Ronald “Ra Diggs” Herron finally got (one of) his days in court after sitting on the sidelines since he was charged with murder and being a notorious drug kingpin two years ago.

And oh, what an eventful yesterday, May 27 was for Judge Nicholas Garaufis after he threatened to clear the courtroom when some of Diggs’ associates were trying to intimidate the witness who was testifying against him.

According to the NYDailyNews, several onlookers in the courtroom were “making faces and gesturing and talking” as the witness recalled seeing Diggs gun down Frederick Brooks in June 2001 in the lobby of a building in Brooklyn’s Gowanus Houses.

“No one’s going to eyeball my witnesses from the gallery!,” scream Judge Garaufis before excusing the jury for the remainder of the day. He then promised to ban everyone except the press and Herron’s immediate family from the courtroom if he kept seeing such behavior.

The trial marks the second go-around for Diggs facing the music for allegedly murdering Brooks. He was acquitted in state court after two witnesses refused to testify after they were threatened.

Herron came under the police eye when he bragged about committing the murder on Twitter.

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