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Man Robs Florida Bank With A Stick


Sometimes you have to use your resources to get the job done, which is exactly what Andrew Murray must have been thinking when he walked into a SunTrust Bank in Neptune, Fla. last Friday (May 23). Murray  robbed the bank with a stick instead of an actual weapon. 

Witnesses say Murray was wearing a black mask and holding a stick covered in a plastic bag. He reportedly yelled, “Nobody is going to get hurt if you give me $50,000 from the vault.”

Somehow this guy managed to get off with an undisclosed amount of money. He attempted to get away in a nearby neighborhood but a postal worker reported him. A bike cop caught up with Murray and asked him to stop but he  refused (of course). He was eventually shot with a Taser and arrested.

There was no mistaking that he was the bank robber either. He matched the witness description and left a lot of evidence behind. Authorities found boots, a mask, and gloves along a wooded path near the scene, and $124 in cash on Murray’s person.

The 33-year-old was taken to the Duval County Jail on charges of armed robbery and resisting arrest.

Photo: Jacksonville Police

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  • I need money

    Give me all the money! This is a STICK up..lmao..woohhh.

  • Finga’ Wave

    Why they forgot to report is that stick had a piece of Doo-Doo on the end of it!

  • Finga’ Wave

    What they forgot to report is that stick had a piece of Doo-Doo on the end of it!