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Lance Stephenson Blows In LeBron’s Ear, Becomes Epic Meme [PHOTOS]


Last night, Lance Stephenson of the Indiana Pacers proved that he was as talented a troll as he’s a basketball player. The Brooklyn-bred baller committed a few cardinal offenses while playing against the Miami Heat, but none were as questionable as when he blew air into LeBron James’ ear.

Yes, you that actually happened. Stephenson has a history of jabbering back and forth with James, but this lewd act was an entirely new level of ridiculousness. Needless to say that the Internets quickly got wind of the goings on (pun intended). Soon after came hilarious memes of Stephenson in close quarter contact with the NBA superstar.

A list of memes have been assembled in the gallery after the jump. And for clarity, a visual of Lance Stephenson “defense tactic” can be seen below.

Photo: Instagram/YouTube

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  • Game 6!

    Lebron you know you likeded it!! lol

  • soozyscrew

    Yooo, they put a Nintendo cartridge in his face? LMAOOOOO

  • 123kwade

    That was some funny sh$$ i was rollin. .Lebron gotta laugh like here this fool go lmao u gotta luv it though..

    • MiaSara

      Yeah I loved Lebrons reaction!! Loool

  • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

    That was GAY as HELL LMFAOO!!

    • silhouetteblack

      LOL i was on the floor dying when they showed that clip last night LMAO

  • Meka

    I’m surprised he was able to keep his cool. Any other situation would have been UFC.

  • deviousdiva

    I had to laugh when i saw it. good intimidation strategy

  • Princess Cherry-top

    Shout to Lebron James for not bustin him in his face like I would have did.

  • It Takes One…

    LMAO! Why y’all did Bosh like that? CTFU!

    • MsLittlejohn


  • Suga Bear

    The cup of noodles w/ hot sauce, the Nintendo cartridge, and Chris Bosh had me cracking up!

  • Suga Bear

    The cup of noodles w/ hőt sauce, the Nintendo cartridge, and Chris Bosh had me cracking up!


    my immediate thought was a flashback from The Wendy Williams’ Experience….
    cue the music:





    This was too funny for LeBron to get mad at.

  • MsLittlejohn

    Ugh, that was weird!!! LOL!