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2 Teen Sisters Raped & Murdered By Mob Containing Police Officers [VIDEO]


India records show that a rape occurs in country approximately every 22 minutes and two teenaged sisters were the unfortunate victims of an attack that left them gang raped and murdered.

Villagers in the town of Katra, 180 miles southwest of the Indian state capital of Lucknow, protested silently underneath a mango tree where the girls, 14 and 15 hung, lifeless after they reportedly went into a field because there was no functional toilet in the area. The decision proved to be a fatal mistake after authorities arrested four men–including two police officers–who hung the girls after taking turns raping them. It’s a sad state of affairs because it is said that more than a half of a billion Indians lack access to toilets, resulting in 30 percent of women being victims of sexual assault during their trek to privacy.

Police say they are still searching for three more men in connection with the heinous crime. The autopsies conducted on the girls confirm they were raped and strangled before they were hung up on display like pieces of meat at the market.

The chief of police is also being accused of ignoring reports that the girls were missing late Tuesday evening and has been suspended for his failure to act.

Despite this case being an obvious wakeup call for most, it’s unlikely that it will spark a trend amongst a nation that has been conditioned to tolerate sexual misconduct. Reportedly the head of the Samajwadi Party, which is the dominant political affiliation in the region, responded with “boys will boys” when speaking out against the execution of gang rapists last month.

Watch the video below for visual proof of the unthinkable.

[FOX News]

Photo: AP Video Screenshot

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