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White People Call Dr. Dre A “Sellout” For Merging Beats With Apple [PHOTOS]



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  • Dr. Dre is a businessman FIRST. Better believe, he made the move that he could benefit from.

    • Nigg.Newton

      It wasn’t Dre Dre, it was Jimmy Lovine that put this deal together. Dre is just a partner. So that’s why he is not YET a billionaire, he has to share the deal.

      • Just a partner? Him and Jimmy own equal shares of the company. He’s a boss and so is Jimmy. I’m sure they had the right team to put the deal together. Jimmy didn’t do it by himself. Not sure why you would try to understate Dre’s accomplishments and business acumen like that after 30 years of success in the music industry….behind the scenes. Dre is a boss.

      • Nigg.Newton

        Micheal Jackson spent his ENTIRE life in music, and DIED BROKE. So time has nothing to do with anything. A Bum is a BUM…Dre, is not a Businessman he is a musician. So Jimmy is the BRAINS, of the deal.

        Sorry if you feel differently, but everyone in this industry knows who the BRAINS are and who is just a FRONT MAN aka “Dr. Dre.”

      • EFFNorth

        haha. what a nonsensical comment. first of all you know nothing about this deal. you don’t know who executed it, you don’t know who proposed it. the only thing you know is that dre just became a hell lot richer, but for some reason you got a problem with that. keep hating.

      • Nigg.Newton

        Why would I hate on a Brotha, I just got back from Africa with. Yep…didn’t know that did you.

        Black with MONEY are investing in Africa!!!

        We leaving you all BACK here in America!

      • You think Micheal Jackson died broke? who controlled the publishing rights to every Beatles songs? and owns 50% of Sony?

      • Nigg.Newton

        You are miss informed, Beatles songs were sold by Micheal over 6 yrs ago.

        He died BROKE.

      • WRONG!

      • dnoskeam

        He’s white, ignore the b**ch.

      • Faithz


      • Media_Slore_Agent

        Nope Dre was just a well knownface with minor stakes just like jay z was with the nets. its all about commercializm.

      • DRUNK247

        Shut up

      • The headphones wouldn’t have sold with Jimmy Lovine’s name on it.

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    Dre just added a whole lot of zeros to his bank account and they can’t stand it.

    • Kcar

      They cannot stand to see the success of a Black Man. They do not understand it and it bothers them to their core.

      • Jack

        Dre isn’t a billionaire. He owns 12 percent of beats so he will get a little over 300 million and will be taxed 50 percent so he will clear 150 million. Again, the white man put him there.

  • WTF?

    White people being racist towards a black guy…this isn’t news!

  • BliggityBlack

    Snow apes are so jealous!

    • Jack

      Says the jungle bunny wearing white women hair.

    • Jack

      I’m gonna go to her grave and dig her up and kill her again. Have a great night public housing dweller.

  • bigshot

    Could careless. U negroes will walk around sagging broke no ambition wit some beats phones on your head

  • Babylon sista

    Get that MONEY!!!!!!!

  • Cortney

    He didn’t sell out he made sure his kids and his kids kids kids are good!! People stay mad!!! Apple can buy my nipples for a mill!!

  • Mrz.Carter

    Sell out No! It’s called getting money!


    I thought they were gonna say Beats By Dre are worth 6 Billion and he got 3 Billion! *meh*

  • Yeah, so I’m good on hitting flips to view racist tweets.I don’t even know why yall are giving those losers shine. Believe me when I tell you white 1 percenters are looking at Dre with newfound respect. I’ve personally heard bankers speak of Jay’s wealth with awe and admiration and Dre has surpassed Jay. Don’t nobody care what those broke rednecks that can’t even afford Beats thinks.

  • tammy

    Haters never sleep..he a business man..a smart one..is all about the money..not staying loyal to race. No pun intended on his part. These haters complaining would have sold it for 50000 if given the opportunity.

  • prettyman

    Proud of you Dre! They always want to label a brother as just a rapper! Your name associated with it made it money!

  • ♕ OliVi@ ♕

    Why are you mad though?! If it was a deal made with a White person they wouldn’t say a damn thing, but it hurts them so bad a Black man made such an important deal with one of the biggest companies in the world. If being a smart businessman makes him a sellout, let me be one too! Remember, there is nothing wrong with willing to aspire to better and bigger things. The goal is to live the hood behind and make it. But let it to white people to make it look like a bad thing. We can never win with them

    • Jack

      Dre isn’t a billionaire. He owns 12 percent of beats so he will get a
      little over 300 million and will be taxed 50 percent so he will clear
      150 million. Again, the white man put him there.

  • smittyt

    No white folks are jealous because a BLACK man has now become a billionaire and they hate ALL success stories about BLACKS.

    • Dan Danos Summers

      Naw we aint all like this maybe the white folk in the US are? I dunno I live in England I jus have praise for the man.

    • TheTimeToStopPostingIsNow

      I’m not white and I think that he is a sellout

  • aint even gon do all that clicking…but as always, Black people make it & white people always try to take it

  • Douglas

    They mad he out this world rich!!! LOL!!!!!!!

  • Sharrocks

    Stop the caper, white hypocrites got desk jobs and black hypocrites think folks suppose to always serve in the hood; you can serve outside the hood.

  • no need for avi

    “White People Call Dr. Dre A “Sellout” For Merging Beats With Apple” smh and they wonder why whites stay on top

  • White people are mad and I love it. They can’t grasp the fact that a nicca from the hood became a billionaire – two days ago they publicised a fake story saying the deal was off but now that apple confirmed it, the white supremacists are in full effect.

  • MocaPretty

    Haaa they can call Dr. Dre WTF they want but they cant call him BROKE #HeIsWinning

  • SM

    Hmmm… I think they’re mad. What people don’t realize is that all that gangsta stuff was an act. The Apple business man is probably more of who Dre really is than the gangsta he portrayed himself to be. Dre was more of a “sell out” when he pretended to be a murdering gangsta, influencing young black youth to do the same. It’s not like he was some pro-black activist who spoke out against capitalism and then sold to Apple. He was a fake gangsta rapper. But all these white people are calling him a sell out for being a business man? #1, they’re jealous. #2, they don’t have a right to speak on or understand the meaning of the term sell-out when it comes to the black community.

    • Michele Johnson-Sykes

      That’s because they believed he was a gangsta rapper.

    • natturnfreedomrider

      The true G’s were Easy and Ren a lot of people don’t realize that many rappers were studio gangsters.

  • Whatever

    I’m confused….Why are they mad?

  • hmmmm

    Dr. Dre….Upward and onward. Living the American dream.

  • MMS69

    We’re assuming they are white because of there photo’s? He got his white wife and and white life that’s the american way right?

  • Chanel

    But why are they so mad?!!?!?! LMAO. How many people who come from the background he came from and have reached the level of success he has. Being mad doesn’t change the fact that he’s WINNING!!!

  • IvLiberty

    I think it is so interesting how people put you in a dirty cramped little box and get mad when you decide to break free. If he were still making the same music he did 20 years ago people would be criticizing him for that…this is the premis behind racial profiling.

    Jay-Z gets called old for still making music. I guess it is true that you can’t please all the people.

    It is called a sellout when certain people make moves and genius when other people do it. Go figure!

    Define your own people and don’t let anyone keep you in the dirty little box they made for you. Seek and live your potential!

  • GEorge

    What is the issue, WHITE people start businesses all the time, become successful and then sell them, SO HOW IS THIS ANY DIFFERENT. I FORGOT ‘ THE GLENN BECK ‘CREW HATES BLACK PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE GAME.

  • helloitsme

    why are black blogs obsessed with white people ?

  • Evelyn Dunlap

    it goes to show you that white people want us to stay down when were not working were lazy and want freebies and welfare. when we become successful its a problem were a sell out. so to hell with the ones that think like that…..

  • Dan Danos Summers

    I been a fan of NWA since I was a kid and people saying he a sell out are just plain jealous. The man has grown elevated himself got himself out of the gutter and made a good life for himself and his fam…He should be seen a success story someone to look up to maybe even inspire you. But instead these so called fans are turning on him?

  • MiMi

    He is a sell out. Black people see zero’s and sell out in a heart beat. They have low EQ’s (Level of common sense.). I only supported beats because I said “a black man has something to be competition with others” I thought it was cool that there was a popular product with a black face attached to it and I supported it. Now that Apple has it, I will no longer be supporting Beats.

    Just like the natural hair care movement. There are black women who owned websites and such for natural hair care who sold out. Now you have white people owning the sites for black natural hair, who don’t know a single thing about natural hair. So are hiring black women to work for them who know what they are talking about. They are gaining profit off of the natural hair care movement, just because we have sisters without pride selling out. Sisters who take no pride in a black face being on something. This generation of blacks is a sad, pathetic disgrace. Just like how in Korea they have schools to teach Koreans how to braid, so that they can come over here and make profit off of you. You are perfectly comfortable with working for other, supporting others, and getting used.