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Dame Dash Calls Steve Stoute A “Culture Robber” and A “Nerd” [PHOTO]


Damon Dash doesn’t have a filter. That trait has helped, and hurt, the Roc-a-fella Records founder’s career trajectory, but in this particular case it has led to the slander of music and marketing executive Steve Stoute

When speaking in a recent interview with Hip Hop Motivation about the dysfunction Black businesses not sticking together like they need to, Dash mentioned Stoute being a saboteur.

“You know how many Black people I tried to put together to make movies?,” explained Dash. “There always be that one group – or because of Steve Stoute, or somebody that’s a ‘culture robber,’ or doesn’t care about his culture – [that] would break that up.”

But that’s only the start of what the Harlem native had to say about Stoute, who he has previously called a “threat to Hip-Hop culture.” After mentioning he wasn’t feeling the Translation execs moves with Jay Z, including the Reebok deal and his connections with Budweiser, Dash unleashed some verbal vitriol.

“I don’t like that dude because he doesn’t care about his culture. And he’s a liar,” added Dash. “I watched him tell me all of LL Cool J’s business and all of Nas’ business when they weren’t doing well, so I never trusted him. And I also watched Biggie Smalls’ crew put lipstick on him and a wig on him when he fell asleep.  That’s how I first seen him. So I couldn’t respect him ever since that day.”

Check Dash also mention having to approach Stoute for allegedly trying to take DJ Clue? from Roc-A-Fella in the clip below. Tell us what you think in the comments.

Also, that Dusko Poppington sweatshirt is tough.


Photo: YouTube

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  • M D

    My friend approached stoute by MSG to tell him how he enjoyed his book but, stoute was extremely ungrateful. I walked right by dude as I already knew his vibe.

    • Mars Sirius

      An uncle tom…is no different than the whyte man…they will smile in your face…and stab you in the back!!! So if theirs a war going on outside…you have to take out the uncle toms too…

  • slimpickens2916

    Dame talks far too much. His arrogance cost him his fortune and now he continues to offer commentary. He has never met a mic he does not love except when he is in the court room defending his greed!