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Spitting On His Grave: Twitter Slanders Arsenio’s Cancellation [PHOTOS]



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  • This generation Arsenio Hall show is the breakfast club.

    • Nigg.Newton

      ***Listen BLACK FOLKS, they don’t make shows for US/Blacks…

      So that’s why I say the A.Hall show was cancelled, because of JEWISH HOLLYWOOD’S, dislike for Arsenio Hall.

      He was doing better than Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show.

      • Illeana

        I got you on the agenda of racist Hollywood. Even if Arsenio was last in the ratings there was/is still room for his show.

      • latour42

        I think Arsenio offended too many important people…example: Brian Williams for one.

      • latour42

        As I stated, Fox News is not a “black” people friendly television station. Just like they always say…black people must be exceptional in order to get hired.

  • Illeana

    I used to watch his show back in the day but I just couldn’t get into the reboot. It’s a new day, people want their tv programming to be ratchet but not corny. Arsenio’s show should have been a ratchet late night reality show where all the guests are from ratchet reality tv. Ratchet=Ratings

    • Nigg.Newton

      Nope that’s not true.

      • Illeana

        I don’t know but it seems to be the trend given the success of ratchet reality tv. Act out on tv and people will watch.

  • Real Talk: CBS & Tribune LIED!!! They misled Arsenio & his fans who tuned in religiously to “The Arsenio Hall Show.”

  • Maybe next time

    It just wasn’t interesting. Sorry, although I enjoyed the 90’s I don’t want to relive it. Should’ve used his brand and tried a new format. Different generation, Different attention spans! # u just gotta b more creative.

    • Nigg.Newton

      nope that’s not it either.

    • Tameka

      BS! You obviously didn’t watch the show, it had more cutting edge acts than that boring Fallon and Kimmel recycling the same Hollywood so called A listers to come on TV and talk about how fabulous they are….booooring!


        kimmel is funny

    • latour42

      Unfortunately, you are correct. Watching him seemed almost like watching a “low budget” 1990’s show. His show was only 60 minutes long, there were too many re-runs, and not enough quality guests.

  • Excepcion

    The comment about him looking spacey and not able to command interviews I slightly agree with. Honestly regardless of age Arsenio does look ill. I would hope another network would pick up his show. But it may be time for him to find something else to do.

  • Meelah

    He shouldn’t have left. Arsenio’s first run was ground breaking and forced other late nighters to consider guests they hadn’t before because the public wanted to see them or would tolerate it. There are too many other established late shows already doing what he did.

    • Chris

      He didn’t leave on his own, the network boot him off because he was taking the tonight show and others audience, just like they’re doing now…it’s déjà vu

  • guest

    I I pm. Was a bad time. Most people watch the News.

  • Lisa

    Im not buying their reasoning. the show was popular. I think he was cutting in on Fallon and Kimmels first half hour…these white folksy are slick. I love the Arsenio Hall show because he featured up and coming and trendy acts, not the same old recycled Hollywood people you see on Fallon and Kimmel. The Jews who own the CBS network got mad because he dissed Sterling. I hope he gets picked up by another network or cable network like OWN.

    • Trish Chasity

      that is why they cancelled him in the first place around back then because of having Louis Farrakhan from the Nation of Islam.


    The only black late night tv host and this is how they come at him smh.

  • King Los

    G.O.O.D. It’s Funny. Since Kanye Mentioned Months Ago That Arsenio Would Be Cancelled For Turning Up To Much……..Hilarious.Kanye West Breakfast Club Interview. Check It Out- I Can Use My Voice, But What’ll Happen If Y’all Don’t Buy No More Albums?. Then People Are Going To Say, He’s Like Arsenio Hall. He Was Turning Up To Much And Now You Fired, But When You Got Money, Can’t Nobody Fire You…..Lol. Kanye Said That Months Ago During His Breakfast Interview

  • Miss E

    Wow, this is sad. I was rooting for him this time around.

  • Mia C

    I enjoyed the show but had a hard time finding it. Show’s that have less audience but the “right” audience are allowed time to make it, Classic example is Seinfeld. With the exact same ratings, Jerry Seinfeld would still have a show and they’d be working their butts off to promote it. I honestly think he deserved a second chance and I enjoyed each episode I caught.

  • latour42

    I started watching Arsenio Hall show after Brian Williams refused to acknowledge him as a late night host. I wanted to offer my support. I think black people complain about television stations not offering enough “black” cast shows, but when they do we do not support them. Years ago I did not watch Arsenio’s show mainly because he acted too “urban,” and even though I am black I did not enjoy my talk shows too “urban.” I am still conservative, but I do watch more “urban,” and “liberal” television. One major complaint I had with Arsenio’s new talk show was his random, and constant “flirting” with his “light-skinned,” bi-racial women guests. I am “light-skinned,” with green eyes, but I felt insulted whenever a dark-skinned woman would be in his audience, and he would comment on her “dark,” “chocolate-colored,” skin, but he would not flirt with her. He is a dark-skinned man, commenting on the “chocolate” shade of a dark-skinned woman. Black men have a long ways to go before we are all free of “colorism” in our own race. His skills as a interviewer were adequate. Some of the other late night hosts are even worst. I think the overall reason he was cancelled had to do with Fox News not being a “black people” friendly station. They are very, conservative, and not the kind of television station that gives a “black” guy a break.