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Swirl Gang: 10 Rappers Obsessed With White Girls [PHOTOS]


50 Cent

Yeah, this happened.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

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  • nan

    Black males are obsessed with the white cave beyotchs, well the joke is in him because the second he turns his back that white beytch shrivels up like a wet d*ck. Lol, the joke is on the black fool. Lol!!!!

    • smutpenguin

      Right been sippin on poor deck control that’s why them mutha f’ss been fallen off bur want respect why?

    • BlackMamba

      none of them are obsessed. most of them does not date or even mess with white girlss. they might spit a line somewhere but they do not care.

      for example both of guccis songs are called white girls and they have nothing to do with white women. its about c0caine!

      bawsip wrote obsessed based on a couple of lines. come on now bawsip/wired are you guys desperate. none of them are actually obsessed. meek spit a line about rihanna then madonna and wired decided to make it seem like meek is obsessed with white women? really..this dude dates black women

      black women are obsessed with weave and trying to be white . thats obsessed

      • Abort Black Boys!

        Black males are obsessed with homosexuality and murdering each other.

    • smittyt

      BLACK WOMEN SHOULD DATE MORE NON BLACK MEN. Black men don’t limit their dating/marring options neither should you Sista. BLACK love is always preferred expand your playing field. Black women are the most beautiful and regal women on the planet. Be happy

      • Deefkncee

        They most beautiful? With all that weave? Funny

      • i hate bm

        Better than nappy chests and prison records.

      • JML510

        TROLL ALERT.

      • terri

        TRUTH ALERT.

      • TrillProphecies93

        lmfao nigg@ you sound mad fruity with that statement!

      • Nana

        k000n alllert k00n alert.
        you sound like a wh0re who hate herself

      • TrollBuster

        More non-black women wear weave. Sheep..

      • brendon

        the ugliest women ever

      • TrollBuster


  • Leslie

    When you try to find FIVE white female recent artists who EVER made a song about, alluding to, or starring BLACK MEN (silence………………………..) The love is just not reciprocated. Cöon on brothers cöon on lol.

    • BlackMamba

      none of these people have made a song about white women though.. get a grip with your hate.
      They might have said a line but the song doesnt even revolve round women.
      most of these brothers are not checking for white women either..
      you bitter black women stay talking about pale women.
      most of you are ugly. fine black women doesnt care or waste their time on brothers who date ugly white women

      • Abort Black Boys!

        Shut up you nappy headed goat!
        As much as you pvzzys cry when a bw dates out you should be slapped with your bitter a$$.
        This is why i hate you ugly beasts to the core!

      • King_James

        U mad….LMAO!!!!!!!!!

      • Abort Black Boys!

        Nah ..I just want to eliminate you b@stards!

      • Proud black man

        you mad and tragic smh who cares if bw date out . im good with my bw at home. who i treat right!. you just mad because most us aint c00nin or hate ourselfs like you you wh0re

    • huh

      also guccis songs about” white women” are not about women its about C0caine

    • smittyt

      BLACK WOMEN SHOULD DATE MORE NON BLACK MEN. Black men don’t limit their dating/marring options neither should you Sista. BLACK love is always preferred expand your playing field. Black women are the most beautiful and regal women on the planet. Be in love

    • TrillProphecies93

      To many brothers these days are c00ns its sad!

      • Lightskin Jermaine

        just like your life. which is basically going on bawsip write illl about bm that does date out then big up women who do the same thing tragic. you are probably FAT n ugly

    • JML510

      I can’t believe that this is still even a concern in the 21st century. Everyone has their preferences and can be with whoever they want. It’s funny that there’s this much outrage over interracial dating, but not nearly as much over people who exclusively date one race/ethnicity.

      • ayatalla mallabingata


  • polly

    White girls are overexposed and overhyped. White media keep white girls in the forefront because white girls looks, if they have any, is unsustainable.

    • screagle101

      Overexposed? There’s 160 million of them in the US

      • laura

        Everytime i turn on the fcking tv, a white mutherf, ker is in my face. Sick of looking at their colorless boring azez. . Overhyped and overexposed. Like I said.

      • TrillProphecies93

        Ikr a bunch of hairy cave dwelling beast!

  • Brett

    Nîggers hate being nîggers.

    • Brett

      I love my black women. I love my black men.

    • laura

      White pedophiles (male and females) love ra,ping children and animals. They also LOVE drugs, heron in particular. White muther,fukers have fallen apart. Haha!!

  • smittyt

    BLACK WOMEN SHOULD DATE MORE NON BLACK MEN. Black men don’t limit their dating/marring options neither should you Sista. BLACK love is always preferred expand your playing field. Black women are the most beautiful and regal women on the planet.

  • nan

    White cave bishes need to be overhyped and overexposed otherwise they wouldn’t get noticed with their ugly wrinkled boring azez.

  • lustrous_

    I don’t see the hype but to each it’s own. I’m a A A woman..Some white girls are cute to me but tend to look older and ordinary. Ultimately she is a woman but a white woman. I do find white men attractive though. I’m currently dating a Caucasian. I never thought Id touch a white person…until relocating and constantly being around them. I tend to attract other races because of my interests and they way that I look/dress etc. I see nothing wrong with dating outside of your race. I would still date a A A and do not glorify dating a white person. Men are the same..women are the same. Everybody just looks different.

  • trinity

    When the circumstances revolve around love…nobody notices race!!
    We only notice it now, “the swirl”, because” the swirl” is fueled by hate….

    I don’t see anything attractive in a man who is obsessed with another women’s insecurities…too pump someone up by knocking divine down based on features and attitude is wrong….

    Stereotypes need to stop.
    People seriously need to love. You will love.
    I see so much wrong on interracial dating nnow.

    I feel for you if you have to pass judgment on someone else to feel better.

    • Queen2Cent

      I’ll say about 1 out of every 10-15 interracial relationships is based on love. The rest is, I just don’t know that the h e ll it is.

    • ayatalla mallabingata

      What’s so wrong about interracial dating? It’s still dating….isn’t it?

  • TrillProphecies93

    Stupid ninjas are the only ones all up on these h0es

  • Marsha

    The black male white female relationship is based on lust, brainwashing and stereotypes which is why it doesn’t last beyond the bedroom.

    • Nana

      yeah and the black women date white men because of love….
      or trying to reanact slavery.
      Yuck black women with wm = yuck
      black men with white women= YUCK

  • Terry Dixon

    RAPPERS OBSESSED WITH WHITE GIRLS (STUPID). Its about money and not color. If you have the money you get what you want. Think about it, who wants to be with someone who has no money. Donald Sterling was obsessed with a blackmexican so what’s the point. Stupid story!

  • Hooper

    What people are gonna steal the culture and take all these self hating coons out of business. Black men those dude aint loyal to their own race or anything else. You never see other races singing about other races.

  • BaybeK8s

    I didn’t click through. There was no need. Seeing that Baby aka Birdman signed Paris Hilton to his label after all the times she has been in the news for insulting minorities; especially Black men, made me ill. Anyway,what can be expected from an old fool who is still wearing grills and has all those tattoos on his head and face? I guess all that red ink on his head must have seeped into his brain. Imo

  • Trish Chasity

    Moat of these men are ugly as hell. Regardless of race. Women need to find better looking men

  • ayatalla mallabingata

    Why should skin color define who we can or should love?