Trent Clark

Struggle Rapper Claimed To Be Signed To G.O.O.D Music On MTV’s Catfish [PHOTOS]



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  • sycamore

    LMAO he’s so stupid

  • Kryssy

    Dude has serious issues. Smart and handsome young man gone to waste because of a lie he created that has gotten so big that he can’t stop. I pray that he gets the help he needs because he dang sure needs it

    • Lola

      I pray he cuts those nails too

      • DC’sF!nest

        HAAAAA! I noticed that too!!! U ain’t neva lied!!!!!

  • JRenay

    He’s getting exactly what he wants which is a few seconds of exposure. It may just work in his favor.

  • sexyasstruth

    A judge ordered a psych evaluation on him. Only crazy losers have time to keep coming up with the craziest lies.

  • Charla

    Well she got what she deserved. She clearly was only dealing with him because she thought he was an up and coming rapper. That’s what happen when you’re a groupie for an anything “celebrity.”

  • AndreaConley

    I saw the episode. It was super sad that he is so out of touch with reality. He just started believing his own lies. Fix it Jesus!

  • What Had Happened

    That boy has mental issues…he truly believes he is a well known rapper..