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Bigoted Biebs?: 30 Twitter Reactions To Justin Bieber’s Racist Joke


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  • Get Real

    I agree with the tweet that if he’s accused of rape his fans would be like he’s human…these people that’s for this type of behavior are delusional. It doesn’t matter if blacks say it or the world says, does it make it right? Why don’t people hold themselves to a higher standard? As well just because he hangs with black don’t mean he respect us, he may like the culture but not the people. Stupid joke…

    • PolkaDots

      “It doesn’t matter if blacks say it or the world says, does it make it
      right? Why don’t people hold themselves to a higher standard?” — Totally agree with this.

      • CorinaGingerovo

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  • Hositdown

    wow beliebers go hard


    I could care less I think we’ve all heard that joke by now

    • smarty

      Yea I have herd and it from my history book

  • smittyt

    He’s white so that automatically make him a racist by nature that’s why to white’s no matter how racist another white person talk and/or act.They never see them as a racist because to them being a racist is just the natural way they are.

    • JusNathaniel

      Your racist yourself, I see you dissin black women every time you get the chance to on b0ssip looll

      • Phyuck Yiu

        Damn, you can’t type it on here either.

    • JaimeAnd Bobbie Rios

      You are an eggplant

  • chels

    funny how none of his black “mentors” and “friends” have come out and said anything. might it be we are feeling a little used mhhh.Benzino called it and everyone treated him like the enemy.if you don’t know, Google it.

  • Tamara Jones

    This is racist! The fact that he is 15 doesn’t matter at all! He knew the joke was inappropriate, before he said it. No excuses!! Black people have to stop making excuses for this type of behavior. The whole “well…he hangs out with black people” thing is played out! He hangs out with black people so he can have some type of street credit, steal dance moves, and swag…aka (character) Frankly, I could care less about any apology he makes. “When somebody shows you who they are, believe them!” -Maya Angelou

    • Nessa Fox

      He’s 20

      • Tamara Jones

        He was 15 when he made the comment. That was what I was trying to express. (Old enough to know right from wrong)

      • DRUNK247

        How are you darlin?

    • Dan19

      Did you say anything when you were 15 that you wouldn’t want to world to hear..I bet you did. 15 is 15.

      • Dan19

        I guess when Jesus said, let he who has never sinned cast the first stone, he must have had you in mind. Lighten up a bit.

  • 4umenmine

    Maybe I’m over the use of the N word being inappropriate depending on who use it. People love this word no one excluded, its as much a part of the blk culture as interracial dating, its all here to stay. The crime was it wasn’t funny.

    • Monique

      If you’re over the word, then you don’t know black history. The word should not be used unless to demean. The word should be buried. Only racist people love that word. It has no place in daily vocabulary. And black people need to have some self respect and self worth and stop using it against each other.

    • Tamara Jones

      Ignorance at it’s finest state!! Just…wow…

  • Tina

    I don’t think he’s racist intentionally but by default because white Americans are racists. He’s just a ignorant pale face crackha.

    • :/

      But he’s not American?

      • Tina

        He lives in America now, he’s adopted their white racist culture.

    • Doo Doo sandwich

      Whites made up the term cracker. I call them devils

  • scandalous7

    He is obviously not a racist. Just a giant ignorant douche though.

  • Savoy

    If someone show you who they are, believe them.
    –Maya Angelou (RIP)

  • Whis Master

    I support the bieber

  • Gia Barroyo

    Let it go he deserves a pass

  • Kitwana Robinson

    i think that’s his big problem on twitter over muscle .

  • JaimeAnd Bobbie Rios

    Just cuz he said a joke that is offensive to some does not mean he is a racist, the word racist is a very strong word which connotes hate, this kid was just being stupid and ignorant, trying to be accepted by his peers, I dont care for the Biebs, I think he needs to humble himself, but in this particular case, i say let it go and leave it between the people involved that were there that day.