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The Struggle Files: August Alsina Stops Show After Fan Steals His Hat [VIDEO]



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  • brla

    First of all, if that hat meant so much to him, why would he get on his security back and wander in the crowd, he should know that fans are crazy about him and want to get a piece of him, these are the same fans that pays for your concert and support your music and you treat them like crap??? This boy is getting attention for the wrong reasons, he seems like a jerk and acts like a diva, you have not made it yet. Stay humble

    • mimix015

      perfect response! exactly this!!!!!


    This ni gga is messing up his career

    • Shatisha Andrea

      For trying to get back his late brother’s hat back?! You sound dumb! That hat & his nieces are all his has in this world of his deceased brother. You would be angry too! Get some sense dude!!

      • Denise A.

        I agree Shatisha I would’ve been pissed to if I was him. It’s his hate and he can act anyway he chooses especially because the hat was dear to him.

  • Shatisha Andrea


    • Jason Morris

      Real good way to hold on to the only memory of your late brother. Take it to a nightclub, go crowd surf into a bunch of drunks, then threaten to beat up a group of girls after it gets snatched. I’m sure his bro is smiling down on him for such fantastic behavior. I’m not sure if you will understand my message though BECAUSE I DIDN’T TYPE IT IN ALL CAPS TO MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM WRITING IS REALLY IMPORTANT.

      • Shatisha Andrea

        You sound as dumb as I am sure you look. It was a concert not just him being there clubbing. Again, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU COMMENT! Sometimes you have to type in all caps because either people like you cannot read or comprehend. He threatened to beat it up the man who stole his brother’s hat and would not return it after he told the crowd what it meant to him. Get you some common sense before you respond to my comment next time!

      • Jason Morris

        I enjoy a person named “Shatisha” calling me dumb and then stating “get you some common sense.” You obviously have no job as no self-respecting employer would ever hire someone named Shatisha. I will give you credit and say this incident happened at Clear Channel Metroplex which is an event venue and not a nightclub. Even though the event venue is essentially the exact same as a club that hosts a music artist. I know as I worked at one during my collegiate years. You know, college and jobs, the things that you have never had in your life you welfare scum.

      • LadyOfObservation

        I’ve responded to both of you in the most perfect and concise manner ever but the moderators are blocking me for whatever reason LOL. Let’s try again. I guess all I will say is #1 do not pick on Shatisha’s name. It is a valid name in every part of the world except America. In the Middle East names like Shatisha are not “ghetto”, so let’s not be petty and/or ignorant here. It just so happens Shatisha gets her kicks by being a thirsty illiterate stereotype 🙂

        Shatisha aka Madame Thristy you are the one that need to get your facts straight instead of riding Alsina’s ***. There are over 4 copies of the event from different people showing that AUGUST NEVER SAID THE HAT WAS FROM HIS BROTHER. If it didn’t come from HIS MOUTH it can’t be taken as a fact. No interviews where given since the event and he has not addressed it on social media. August never mentioned it on his Twitter, Insta, etc so please shut the heck up with your lying foolishness just because you are a groupie with no self respect. You’re simply DESPERATE TO EXCUSE VILE GHETTO TRASH BEHAVIOR. Nicole Bitchie SUGGESTED that the hat could have been from his brother, she never said it WAS. On top of which August did not see who took his hat, so he obivoulsy had no way of knowing whether the person was male or female so NEITHER DO YOU. He was cursing and threatening a sea of WOMEN “On some G ****” as he said. Well there is nothing “G” about flexing on a bunch of girls. You and Mr.Alsina can go have SEVERAL SEATS. While your down there take some time to learn how to read and write before you try to reprimand “real journalists” groupie.

      • Antoinette Hines

        Ya mean FROWNING?

  • Jason Morris

    So you respect your late brother by crowdsurfing with his hat on into a crowd full of people who you know are intoxicated? Then, after it gets snatched (big surprise), you threaten to start a riot and beat up a crowd full of women? What a loser.

  • kmichelle91

    He has a terrible attitude. He should not have work the hat in a place where something could have happened to it. If he would’ve just explained to the crowd why the hat was so dear to him maybe who ever took it would’ve given it back. Instead he chose to start a fight and cancell a concert that people spent money on to support him. He is a jerk with an attitude bigger than his career. He needs to calm down. He signed up for this business and unfortunately things like that happen all the time and if he’s going to act like this every time something does not go his way than i wouldn’t care too much about seeing him in concert.

  • YoungWildNFREE

    The Hat his dead brother gave that to him reason why he got so mad and wanted it back.

  • Dre

    Even if that hat didn’t mean anything to him, as an artist, you come to a place and show love by performing. If in fact you get your stuff taken, its almost like a slap in the face. You are trying to give a show and show love to the city that you are in, so when people do things like that, it sucks because you wanted to be an idiot and take something that’s not yours, he ended the show. You have to remember, its a tour. He already got paid and if people are being stupid, he’s out of there.

  • chanel

    wait so I shouldn’t wear my prized possession from a family member around a lot of ppl bc somebody might grab it….if he wanted to sing in the crowd that’s his right….ppl need to stop invading peoples personal space celebrity or not.dont touch his stuff PERIOD. Beyoncé got her butt smacked ,iggy cant go go crowd surfing bc ppl want to violate….fans NEED to know their boundaries. he is human and stop acting like bc he a celebrity folks have the right to grab him or his stuff.Especially these hoes.they. he wants his possession while the idiot who stole just want it to sell or brag about.

  • dtae

    Clown ass…over a hat tho