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Common Pens Letter Remembering Maya Angelou


When news of Dr. Maya Angelou’s passing hit the Internet, it took the viral universe by storm. Her death shocked the world (even after living a full life), but no one was more vocal about his encounter with the poet laureate than Common.

In an exceptionally moving essay he recently penned, Chi-town rapper Common recounted the many memories he’s had with Angelou. He put emphasis on the day they first met before talking about the friendship they would go on to build throughout years.

An excerpt:

“The next night she did her thing at the event and embraced me as a young writer-artist, an important voice in hip hop and even flirted with me. Now that really made me feel special. She and I would go on to build a bond that not only would have us spreading love at events in Harlem, Chicago, and DC, but I would be blessed to go visit her at her home in Winston-Salem, NC, and celebrate several birthdays with her where we had great times and I got to know her lovely family. It was always an honor to be in her presence and though she did feel like my mother, my grandma, and my friend. I would always Thank God for being there with her.

Every experience was unique, but every time I saw her I learned something about myself and about life, about humanity, about progress. And I was always reminded how we are true reflections of God, how much Light we do have, how great and dynamic Black Women are and how far Integrity, Self Love and Self Respect can take you. I don’t know if my words—or any words—can truly describe the experience of being in the atmosphere of Dr. Maya Angelou, someone you know is sent from the Creator to Give the World A Voice it has never heard, a brightness it has never witnessed, an energy that is Greatness, Divinity and Awakening all wrapped into one.”

Read Common’s heartfelt piece in his entirety over at The Daily Beast. Let us know how this touched you in the comments at the bottom.

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