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Meek Mill & Louie V Gutta Argue On Twitter About Chain-Snatching Incident [PHOTOS]


“And u outta pocket tweetin me some sh– when u can call me @MeekMill that’s nut sh–! call me. and Idc how G a n—a is…if a n—a got the drop on you…and they strapped ain’t shit u can do! f–k y’all want me to box a bullet?” Gutta wrote.

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Each one continued to challenge what the other was saying, insulting one another in the process.

“I ain’t calling nothing n—a! @LouieVGutta I ain’t never outta pocket n—a! Ima b home tonight,” Meek wrote said without hesitation.

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  • Doo Doo sandwich

    Meek scared

  • RedScorpion

    Meek stop being a kissass smh.

  • Is clicking on these pages necessary? Moguldumb would do anything for clicks

  • Iv’ry Blak

    Meek is dumbass outtapocket. He was TRYING To front on his own artist… Who does that? This lets me further know… Meek is still a ‘used to’ .

  • Banger

    Meek not scared..he’s on papers and being watched…Ya stupid

    • M D

      He raps about that life. Be about it

  • Nonow

    What happened to back in the day if you had a problem with someone, it was between you and that person. …NOT THE WHOLE WORLD.

  • Sleepy One

    Meek loyalty is questionable

  • Tea Alert

    Unfortunately you guys didn’t catch all the tweets but Meek was totally out of pocket for jumping the gun nothing that man said deserved the show Meek tried to put on twitter. I’m glad louie held his own and didn’t go out like a little bish. Meek is corny for assuming he was talking about Slow bucks. Meek needed to save face since him or none of his peeps helped Slow at all when he came out there with there crew!!! Meek a$$ was on stage like nothing ever happened foh

  • lojay1982

    You want me to box a bullet…nuff said