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What’s Your Position?: 13 Things We Learned On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta [PHOTOS]



Help Wanted

Dawn basically asked Mimi, her ex-employer’s ex, for a job. This won’t end well.

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  • Aaliyah Noelle

    Mama Dee and all these palaces & guards & thrones & sh!t …

    • Bombshell

      That woman is lost in her head!!

    • Sunshinegirl

      Don’t leave out The Bambi! That lady is hilarious!

  • tarrilove

    Mama Dee is a crazy ghetto old hoodbooger. She wants people to lick her boots as price of admission to Scrappy’s heart. Scrappy will never have a chance to get focused and back to his music. If he keeps mistreating women and being stuck under his crazy arse mom. She was so disrespectful to Bambi and I hope Bambi stays away from them. Scrappy can’t keep his d!ck in his pants.

  • Bombshell

    Learn from this show?? A bunch of don’ts I guess!

  • Sleepy One

    I like Tammy, but Joseline told her some truth last night when she told her, if you had a problem with something I said why didn’t you come to me with it instead of going to your home girls (her husbands ex).

    • Black

      Umm I think it’s Tammy’s civil liberty to speak to whomever she pleases.

      • Kitty

        You need to ask your friends about your own damn feelings? If she was feeling some type of way, she should have said something RIGHT THEN; boohoo whining a week after the fact after you’ve been “marinating” does nothing. They probably could have solved the issue while she was in Joseline’s house had she said, “It made me mad when you said this, this, & that.”

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    The main thing is @disqus_Rsg6QBvE22:disqus is the best woman to come in Scrappy’s life. Bambi proved that if Scrappy was to fall ill she would walk away. Babi showed her true colors to me. That is that and im done with her.

    • ShayFuturePrincessOfThaCastleJ

      I always knew the bambi was a mess! theres only one good thing to ever come outta compton, and it’s DRE not a deer.

  • hmmmm

    What I learned? All these people need to get acting lessons especially Kirk (do you really like playing a “stupid-ass”? Bar chick to watch your baby?), Benzino (his facial expressions for sincerity are hilarious), Stevie J. (for having to help Benzino remember his lines when you asked Benzino if Dawn was by herself when she met you to tell you about the fake marriage. His dumb butt almost forgot to say Mimi was with her).

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    I had respect for the Bambi, but lost it when she walked away from me when I was trying to speak with her after Erica #2 called herself attacking the Bambi. Shay has always been the one I felt was a perfect match for Scrappy. You know as well as everyone else I’m crazy about who my son is going to have as the future queen of my kingdom. You would too.