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Chuck D Blasts Hot 97’s Summer Jam On Twitter, Ebro Responds [PHOTOS]


Chuck D has never been one to bite his tongue, as evidenced as his many years fronting legendary Hip-Hop group Public Enemy. The baritone-voiced rapper took to Twitter early Monday morning to blast Hot 97’s recent Summer Jam concert, which got a response from the station’s Ebro Darden.

Chuck D fired off the first of his tweets, accompanied by a photo of him sporting a serious frown. The caption of the photo read: “The look on my face after I heard what a sloppy fiasco @hot97 in NYC has made of HipHop. #culturalCrime.”

He followed up that tweet with, “I played SummerJam09 & immediately was turned off by the host who said’Here go the ngAS that brought the revolution to rap’,i was like smdh.”

The barrage of tweets continued throughout the day, with Chuck D defending Funkmaster Flex and had some choice words for Peter Rosenberg’s role on the station. Early this morning, Ebro responded to Chuck D’s complaints.

“True artists and activists have always complained about mainstream media & music… As they should! Good balance..,” tweeted Ebro. The pair exchanged words with Ebro seeming to take a dig at Chuck D at one point, however.

Hit the following pages to check out the tweets. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Photo: Twitter

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  • guest

    did he ever blast the “Flavor of Love” franchise or nah?

    • smarty

      Actually he did its YouTube flave invited him to come on the show and he told flav that he wasn’t with that

    • David

      Yes he did. He made it clear that he wasn’t down with what Flav was doing.

  • Excepcion

    Lolll. Real talk but I think in this instance Ebro the overseer with his halfness. They couldnt have a BLACK PD to do Ebros job of talking stuff that stinks and gatekeeping?

  • mike

    so we have to go through all those 16 pages….

    • D4ovey

      i was just about to ask someone for the cliffs notes. 16 pages is a no go for me

  • ODB63

    I have beef with Ebro for allowing that nonsense happen during 50 cent set but I have no idea what the hell is Chuck D beef?

    • Queen2Cent

      Of course you don’t!!!

  • M D

    Ebro is a certified cornball. These cats get these gigs but clearly aren’t qualified. And it’s so annoying listening to a 40 y/o man say
    “My G” and “fam” every other sentences. These ninjas are stuck in their adolescence.