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Twitter Calls Out 50 Cent’s Fugazi Polo Hat From Summer Jam [PHOTOS]



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  • overjudgemental

    So what is the big deal?


      ok I thought it was just me. I guess we aren’t that petty. Frankly I thought the whole fit was a mess but why is there so much uproar over that hat?

      • Ricoswag305

        You would think half of these kids talking shyt on twitter would have loved the hat since it has Jordan on it lol. I ain’t feeling that jacket vest though


        that vest is horrible

  • RedScorpion

    It ain’t Ralph thou !!!!

  • Genaluv

    People with no jobs always talking about what someone is wearing.

  • Have no idea. I shop at discount stores. Not into lables.

  • Mia Bradley

    This is exactly why G-Unit clothing is now G-Unot! Shout out to The Game!

    • Rhett Blake

      50 owns that too, so game made him money

  • Dancerprancer

    Obviously, this is a publicity stunt . The whole baseball thing was a beautiful accident but this was done purposely. It’s not very genius though because he obviously can afford Ralph Lauren, come on people. We have to stop supporting these coons. We need people who will use their platform to educate ,inform and make aware of the injustices that go on in this country , whether it be socially or economically . Things have to change. We have fools out here like Pharrell saying he is the new black . What’s so bad about the old black that you want to separate yourself . My old black consist of truly powerful people. This new black is not the business

  • GuestwithacapG

    So this is what the world is coming to? “Clowning” a multimillionaire for not having on “real” polo? Maybe 50 bought the hat from some bootlegger trying to feed their family. I know me personally, I would rather have millions in the bank and a “fake” hat than have hundreds in the bank and an “authentic” hat.

  • keena

    They didnt mention the purple vest?

  • Chassidy Jackson

    I can’t lie I wanted to know why he was dressed like the shoeman at the the fleamarket myself…

    • Trent Clark


  • Hilo_Gamer808

    It’s fifty he can wear knock offs or shyt he mixed together, why? cuz he can afford wha eva tf he wants.

  • More

    Call me old. But I thought they all looked good. Even young Buck. Nice to see them together again.