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Pharrell’s ELLE UK Cover Sparks #NotHappy Controversy [Photos]


Pharrell is being accused of cultural insensitivity after the unveiling of the controversial July 2014 ELLE UK cover featuring an image of the superstar wearing a Native American headdress.

The cover spawned swift outrage from the Native American community along with Twitter commentary from others who shared their sentiments. Within hours, the #NotHappy hashtag began to circulate further detraction from the upcoming issue, which prompted Pharrell to issue a statement.

“I respect and honor every kind of race, background and culture. I am genuinely sorry,” he said earlier today (June 4) through his publicist.

After virtually no missteps during a successful 2013 run, the Grammy winner has been no stranger to controversy in recent months. All facts considered, one would assume that he’d be more careful with his decision making.

While it’s unclear how Pharrell didn’t foresee the controversy, all signs point to the publication, which ultimately made the decision to use the image. Hit the jump to see a gallery of Twitter reactions to the Native American garb.


Photo: ELLE UK

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  • Bye

    Oh I thought only black women get mad at stuff like this??? *eyeroll* clearly we all see that pha fell is racist…. He’s infatuated with pretending to be an “other” when in REALITY he’s just a BLACK BOY… And that makes him sad. Lmaoooo

    • VarshaMoretoniss

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    • blakabasi

      exactly what i was thinking: typical black man.

    • hereinWA

      Not particularly defending him, but it was mostly ignorance, not so much racism. Elle put him in that headdress. They thought it was ‘cool’. They have since changed the cover and took out the references to putting him in it. It is still wrong of him, with all the current controversies, to not just say no. But this is a UK based magazine, and they’re not that concerned with American, let alone Native American, issues.

  • huh?

    Really? The “Native American” community is upset, when most of them are European decent anyways. Pharrell is more likely to be a descendant of the true aboriginal indigenous Americans.

    • sycamore

      lmao what? Not really, but OK

    • DRUNK247

      There are no aboriginal americans

      • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

        you need to seek out the book before Columbus by Ivan Sertma #theblindinglightofmisinformationmustend

      • Love your hashtag. Light blinds facts and facilitates illusions.

    • StoptheRatchet!

      How come no one got upset with Jay Kay of Jamiroquai? He wore native head wear.

      Oh I forgot he’s white. Indians love their conquerors.

      • Mississippi Librarian

        Actually that is closer to the truth than you probably realize. They do seem to be more accepting of whites with Native blood than they are of Blacks with Native blood. This came to light for me when there was a lot of controversy a couple of years ago about tribal inclusion. Tribes of Native Americans were voting to exclude Blacks from their Tribal lists but no such ado was made about the whites who were on the Tribal lists. I gathered from some of the comments that it was only a problem if you were Black.

      • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

        not realizing they are only Full Blood Natives…Not the “Pure” Blooded Aborigine. they do acknowledge the Mixed Blood though. some of them are misguided. #theblindinglightofmisinformationmustend

      • slim filmore

        Tsk tsk, the dude from the Village People wore one, man I don’t know why American nigros keep trying to associate with these people, blacks built the USA along with whites from the UK not the natives, they could go to hell. The Indians think the USA is their country,that’s like the Arawaks and Carib Indians coming into West Indies and claiming Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados or The Bahamas as their’s

      • hereinWA

        Yeah, and Cher wore one. Neither is cool, even though both do have Native blood. But, people with Native blood should DOUBLY know better.

      • SweetLibraGirl4Ever

        Now this is seriously a mean and rude comment.

      • hereinWA

        Wow. Serious? Did you actually do any research? Like, Victoria’s Secret, Gwen Stefani? We will go after ANYONE who disrespects our culture and sacred things.

    • paganalexandira

      I know he is a new black and all, but that shouldn’t mean disrespecting other cultures in the process, not cool. If he didn’t know better, after the drama No Doubt went through for the same thing, Elle sure did.

    • Good post.

      Helix/Super Coil Hair = PRIME BASE
      Collapsed Coil/Straight Hair = Genetic Recessive Mutation (non-Native/non-Indigenous)
      Dark Skin = PRIME BASE
      Light/White Skin = Genetic Recessive Mutation (non-Native/non-Indigenous)
      O (Zero) Blood Type = PRIME BASE
      A/B/AB Blood Type = Genetic Recessive Mutation (including b3stial-hybrid @nimal mix) non-Native/non-Indigenous
      Dark Eye Color = PRIME BASE
      Variant Eye Color = Genetic Recessive Mutation (including b3stial-hybrid @nimal mix) non-Native/non-Indigenous

      DNA/Genetics shuts down misinformation, lies, deceptions and illusions.

  • Natascha_Ma

    Jay Kay of Jamiroquai was wearing those hats and outfits in 1996. Stop Pharrell. We knew you when you and the fat Filipino would DJ at VA Beach house parties.


      LMAO…not the fat Filipino???

  • Mia Bradley

    I don’t see what the big deal is? Maybe he is Native American. WTF? Look at those cheek bones!

    • smackyobitchass



      he isn’t Native American.

      • hereinWA

        I believe he told Oprah a couple years ago he has Native blood, but a person who lives their life as a Native person would KNOW not to wear a headdress.

    • hereinWA

      If you go strictly by facial features, you’d look more ridiculous than you already do. Matter of fact, I read a study not long ago about how so many black people are convinced they have Indian blood because they have ‘the cheekbones’ or straight hair, and it was discovered, by DNA testing, they got those features from European ancestors, not Native, and that most of them had very, very little Native blood at all.

  • Mississippi Librarian

    I would think based upon the shape of his eyes and his cheek bones that he might have a little Native blood. But I have known for a time now, from reading about Native Americans in blogs and websites, that they really do not accept Black people in that way. In fact, some have an extreme and intense hatred of the Black male especially because of the competition for the Native female. Black folk are generally the only people who will embrace you ‘in the fold’ if we know you got just a little bit of Black blood.

    • hereinWA

      Incorrect. And studies have show that people with those features generally get them from European ancestry, not Native.

  • peo.needlives

    I don’t understand, the pic. is beautiful. Him being an african american means he has native american ancestry in him. Everyone just want to be mad about others because their lives suck-so sad-“be happy” lol…

    • Mississippi Librarian

      Not necessarily so, statistically most African Americans born in the U.S. have more European blood than Native American blood. Not all African American have Native American blood, in most families it is largely a myth because Natives and Africans seldom came in contact with each other. And even today, very few African American and Native Americans come in contact with each other.

      • slim filmore

        Exactly, I don’t know why American nigros waste time with these drunkards, in fact black Americans got more claim to the USA than those injuns. Where was Cochise and Sitting Bull when blacks was breaking their backs building the foundation of what the USA has become today?

      • hereinWA

        This kind of idiotic, colonialist thinking is why we are standing up and saying, “NO MORE!”. By the way, the blacks weren’t breaking their backs building the foundation of the US…you’re thinking about the Chinese. The blacks were breaking their backs just making money for their white ‘massahs’. Not all Natives are drunks, not all blacks like fried chicken. See the racist construct there?

      • Stacey Sparks-Lazurek

        Drunkards?? Really? Wow. Talk about a stereotype. And one that is grossly wrong. As for Cochise and Sitting Bull, among many other Native heroes, go read a real history book, and you’ll know exactly what they were doing … fighting the European invaders and trying to protect our ways of life.

      • SM


      • canada

        thats not true. when the french owned florida, the natives took in runaway slaves and blacks and natives fought side by side. half the black people in florida are seminole,

        but it is true that natives have the nerve to be racist against blacks.

      • Mississippi Librarian

        You might want to read a piece by Professor Gates called “Exactly How Black is Black America.” According to National Geographic’s Genographic Project, the average
        African American is 80 percent sub-Saharan African, 19 percent European
        and 1 percent Native American. I didn’t say that they ‘never’ came in contact, I said they ‘seldom’ came in contact. There were instances where runaway slaves went down to the Seminole country in Florida, but realistically and statistically those few numbers would not infuse the entire U.S. African American population with Native blood. Most of those runaways either did not marry Natives or were already in relationships with other runaways, thus the need to runaway in the first place if the relationship were disapproved of by the slaves master.

      • dravl

        I guess you saw African American lives too…lol

      • Mississippi Librarian

        No I did not, but I am always interested in that type of material – what exactly is it?

      • The AfRAkan is the REAL NATIVE of the Americas–and is the INDIGENOUS ORIGIN on EVERY land mass. I challenge anyone to PROVE that any other race was native BEFORE Blacks anywhere on this planet. As another blogger in the thread posted so eloquently and NON-DECEPTIVELY in his hashtag #theblindinglightofmisinformationmustend

      • hereinWA

        Wow…are you really this dumb?

      • Apparently, you–and several other readers–have GENETIC INCOMPETENCY. I don’t care what old Hollywood cowboy movies portray. Western revisionist history is a total fabrication–a hoax. DNA and Nature does NOT lie! I want to make it plain and clear that WE, BLACKS, were here BEFORE any of you mutated into existence. We FORMED you. We did NOT originate from any of you. Our DNA and BLOOD CODE can NOT be sourced from any other creature on this planet. Yet, the DNA of all other races point back to its originators–AfRAkans. This isn’t about ego or who’s superior or inferior. Those concerns belong to CAUCASIAN PATHOLOGY.

        I acknowledge the spirituality and purpose for all races. You wouldn’t be here if there were no purpose for your existence.

        I boldly and confidently assert with the wisdom of understanding of NATURE FACTS that wherever there is a SUN that produces a planet that is 3rd in its orbit, the AfRAkan will APPEAR! Ashe!

      • hereinWA

        Are you the psycho that also claims we came from Sirius? I want your anthropological proof you were on THIS CONTINENT before we were, or anything else you spout is crap.

      • Are you the psycho that also claims we came from Sirius? No, moron, that claim was made by two DUMB Caucasian ANTHROPOLOGISTS, M. Griaule and G. Dieterlen, who wrote the book, “The Pale Fox”, which included MANY misinterpretations of Dogon Cosmology/Cosmogony (due to ignorance of Dogon Code Language)—one of them being that Dogon people came from Sirius. You have the WRONG user profile, nitwit.

        I want your anthropological proof you were on THIS CONTINENT before we were, or anything else you spout is crap. Your IDIOT-kation has served you well. A competent individual with REAL INTELLIGENCE knows that DNA does NOT lie. The field of FORENSICS can attest to this fact. Anthropology is a PSEUDO SCIENCE and tainted with FRAUDULENT practices. Dr. Chiekh Anta Diop exposed the deceptions within Anthropology a long time ago. He formulated the Melanin Test (DNA-bioKMTstry) to confirm the RACIAL IDENTITY of mummified remains found in KMT/Egypt’s pyramid–which rebuffed many anthropologists’ claims.

        Have a seat, wacko!

      • Dr. David Imhotep, author, “The First Americans were African…”
        Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, author, “The African Presence in Ancient America, They Came Before Columbus”

        DNA and archeology backs this up. AfRAka’s influence can be seen all over this world.

      • hereinWA

        Sorry, there is no real anthropological truth to any of this. It would be better known if it was.

      • What do you have that discounts the DNA and archaeological evidence presented in two well-researched books that the first Americans were AfRAkan?

        You are VERY naive if you are NOT aware that there is PRIVATE and PUBLIC information. It is not uncommon for a body of knowledge to not be widely known. Your point in this regard is moot.

        And…since Blacks are marginalized globally. It is understandable why information would be suppressed, ‘destroyed’, hidden and revised to remove AfRAkans from the historical landscape, world stage and minimize our role. Except, there’s a caveat…

      • hereinWA

        Are you completely unaware that many Natives live in urban areas, and we fully embrace African American people?

      • 2real4thisworld

        Those DNA test are shams made by the us government to miseducate ones true self it’s been proven, African Americans are not African.

    • DRUNK247

      You are talking out of your backside

    • paganalexandira

      We need to be respectful, if we want to be respected in return, not always expect a pass for ignorance.

    • Beverly

      I heard those feathers are supposed to be EARNED. He needs to TAKE THOSE FEATHERS OUT OF HIS HEAD!!! He is disrespecting the Native American COMMUNITY and he just looks REALLY LAME AND STUPID as always even though everyone is always FAWNING all over him!!! YUCK!!!!

  • Youknowwhatiitis

    But he is native american…Moors were here BEFORE the Chinese crossed the Pacific.

    • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

      and the “Pure” Blooded Aborigine were here prior to the European Settlers and Keltic Immigrants who mixed in with the Hu Shen Clan and are responsible for your Full Blooded Natives. #theblindinglightofmisinformationmustend

    • hereinWA

      If he were actually Native American, and not someone with a little Indian blood, then he would know better.

      • Youknowwhatiitis

        I think he does know, hence the headdress.

      • hereinWA

        No, if he knew, he would know NOT to wear it. I’m Native American, that does not give me a right to wear one. It was worn by Plains Tribes ONLY (in this fashion), and only by men, but, could be worn by a woman in a warrior’s place, such as her father, brother, or male cousin.

      • Please stop propagating deceptions, hereinWA. The RED MAN is a mongrel species–an admixture of AfRAkan and Chinese–initially. AfRAkans were already HERE in the Americas BEFORE the Asians arrived. The RED INDIAN is ‘accepted’ as NATIVE because of western history books that wanted to propagate the LIE that Blacks FIRST arrived in the Americas as sl@ve captives–and to obscure WHITE SL@VERY. European immigrants were the FIRST sl@ves in America.

        If your hair is genetically straight, you are NOT native–anywhere. The INDIGENOUS PHENOTYPE is dark skin and super coil (666) hair strands. The ‘colorist’ Western media purposely presents a skewed view of population demographics to obscure the fact that the indigenous STILL reside among its derivative populations on EVERY continent and island.

        AfRAkan FACTS will prevail!!

  • Redskin

    He might have Cherokee in his family

    • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

      Or Washitaw. :). #theblindinglightofmisinformationmustend

    • hereinWA

      Yeah, I’m sure his great grandmother was a Cherokee princess. A Native person would know better.

  • SweetLibraGirl4Ever

    If i were him i would have forseen people getting angry…Native Americans are so touchy, a lot like Jewish people.You cant try to look like them and you certainly can not mention them unless it is nothing but good wonderful things. Those Native Americans do NOT f(ck around.

    • hereinWA

      Thank you for that racist view. If someone runs around in blackface singing “Mammy” and juggling watermelons while eating fried chicken, you’d be okay with that?

      • Stacey Sparks-Lazurek

        No kidding. Maybe we Natives are “so touchy” because we were the LAST group to gain voting rights and citizenship status in this country, and even today, so many people think it’s okay to secularize our sacred traditions and ceremonies.

      • SweetLibraGirl4Ever

        No offense, but there is such a thing as seeing the glass as half empty or half full. see it from a positive perspective and you will not be upset. He didnt mean any harm, he is paying homage, just try to understand that in america and entertainment people like to wear things and may not be aware of how sacred the items they wear are. If it were me and i had knowledge before hand of how sacred it was, there is no way i would wear it and im sure Pharell is ashamed that he had no prior knowlegde. You guys dont even appreciate it when people are fans and really love your culture and you twist it into hate when it came from a positive place. Just food for thought.
        Ps im part native american i get mistaken for native american all the time but i guess since im black i cant acknowledge that or be or be proud of it. Sad.

      • Stacey Sparks-Lazurek

        Why can’t you be proud of it? There are people in my Tribe who are mixed with European as well as African blood.

        If he had no prior knowledge of it, then he has apologized. Apology accepted and now he knows what it means. With all of the controversy over the Victoria’s Secret model, Gwen Stefani, Cristina Fallin, and Heidi Klum, though, one would think that his publicist and/or Elle magazine knew full well that there would be a controversy here as well.

      • hereinWA

        He gave no indication that he knows what it means, just that people are pissed about it. Oh, and Wayne Coyne, defender of Christina Fallin, did it again at some music fest the other night. So much for HIS ‘fauxpology’. Bottom line, Elle probably knows better, but doesn’t care. Though they have not acknowledged all the mail they got, they have changed the cover, and taken out the line where they had him do it.

      • hereinWA

        “No offense” is the first line of defense for racists. You need to see it from the perspective of the race being denigrated. We don’t want people stealing our sacred things and people making excuses of ‘paying homage’ or, ‘it’s an artistic expression’ and whatever bullshit you’re handing out. There have been enough of these issues in the media lately, that they SHOULD be aware, yet they are not, because they IGNORE Native people. We’re just a quaint Old West reminder. You’re reading too much into his ‘fauxpology’. HE said nothing of being ashamed, you are putting those words in his mouth. Your food for thought is about as helpful as McDonald’s. YOU need to learn OUR culture and understand WHY these things are wrong! If you have Native blood, LEARN about your heritage, don’t just go off on half-assed notions you came up with.

      • SweetLibraGirl4Ever

        Im NOT racist.being ignorant of a culture or race doesnt make you predudice. I love people of all races as long as they are nice…. I know a lot of black and white people who arent nice and i call them out on it …if someone is being mean then i call a spade a spade. I understand this is something really serious for you guys and im sorry if you were offended, SORRY. but im definitely no racist.

      • hereinWA

        Also, read Indian Country Today Media Network, online. That will help you begin to understand what we go through. Daily.

      • SweetLibraGirl4Ever

        OK i will definitely look into it because i do care about peoplewho are oppressed in society

      • hereinWA

        Please do. Learn your tribe. Learn their history. Learn what is appropriate and what is not. You’ll be glad you did, and we always need more voices. I have many people on FB who are black and Native, and just as proud of both.

      • SweetLibraGirl4Ever

        I think black face is a little different because they are laughing at black people and making a mockery of them. What pharell is doing is paying homage to Native Americans there is no element of mockery or disdain for them whatsoever …it s like he is saying ‘you guys are bada55 and so cool! thats how i think it is different.

  • SweetLibraGirl4Ever

    But if s German model dressed up like a tribal African woman would there be such a fuss? I dont think so and i dont there should be a fuss over it. Native Americans need to be happy that people love them so much and want to be like them what is wrong with that? they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

    • jfkeeler

      Actually there was a fuss about exactly that. I read about it. Google it.

    • hereinWA

      You need to understand that the headdress is a SACRED thing, as is the pipe. And people dressing as “Indian” is the same thing as blackface. With the headdress, you have to EARN every feather by doing brave or good deeds for your people. It is not just something you can pick up and claim.

  • BliggityBlack

    What are they talking about? This is the traditional head dress of “The new black”

    • Youknowwhatiitis

      Ooooooo…..good one.

    • disappointed with the world

      youre an idiot. jesus christ…i hate people.

      • BliggityBlack

        It was a joke! He is the one that came up with that stupid term “new black” not I. Calm down Elliot Rodger.

  • SM

    He probably thought he had “Indian in his family…”

  • ucray

    All common sense leaves the body once you’re making money it seems.When will people learn…when you try to be cutting edge, you end up being a fool. What was the purpose of this cover anyway? Cultural ignorance.

    • Beverly

      He looked STUPID with that ARBY’S /JED CLAMPETT hat on and he looks STUPID with those Native American feathers in his head. And everybody is always making such a BIG FUSS over him, but HE IS SUCH A DORK and always has been one to me! YUCK!

  • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

    Pharell’s has features like he could be a decendant of the Dark Skinned, Wooly Haired Aborigine that mixed in with the Hu Shen Clan and made what is called your American Indians(Full Blooded Natives) not the Indigenous “Pure” Blooded that are decendants of the Olmecs. Pharell has to do his research. #theblindinglightofmisinformationmustend

    • jfkeeler

      Uh, okay. Is your hashtag ironic? Seriously.

  • bigdawgman

    Dayum son, don’t you remember Andre 3000 getting blasted for doing it when performing Hey Ya! at one of the music awards? Those who don’t learn from history….

    • hereinWA

      Yeah, there’s been enough of this stuff, especially lately, that you’d figure it out. Christina Fallin, Wayne Coyne, Victoria’s Secret, Paul Frank, Gwen Stefani, etc. Sometimes you wonder if it’s really ignorance and stupidity, or, if they’re doing it for attention. Problem is, you lose fans that way, too.

  • OpenUrEyes

    These comments are so damn ignorant!! Native Americans just made as big of an uproar when Gwen Stefani made a music video with a Native American headress on also. The eyes will see what they want to see. It doesnt matter if ur Native American or not, you have to earn the right to wearing feathers, just like a soldier earns his stars or medals.

  • smackyobitchass

    He looks native American to me :/

    • hereinWA

      Doesn’t give him a right to wear a sacred headdress.


    What controversy….they make controversy about everything…a few negative comments on twitter = controversy let them tell it..smh

  • kysh

    Uh, am I mistaken, or does Pharrell not have some tribe of Native American in his roots — because he certainly has the features of such. Instead of apologizing, he might want to dig a little in that family tree first. How dare anyone question if a Black “looking” person may not have the roots of the Native American community when we have a vast array of looks including Black, Hispanic and Caucasian. Really, this still? Grow up, and take a look around at all of our expanding culture. … And listen to Pharrell speak about something, anything, before judging him. This young guy is extremely talented, very intelligent, and very far from the negative crap some are saying about him. Stop it.

    • Stacey Sparks-Lazurek

      Look. He very well may have Native blood. If so, then that makes the wearing of a sacred war bonnet even more egregious. I’m a mixed blood myself, Cherokee & Scottish. I am also deeply rooted in my Cherokee heritage and culture, and I know what is specific to my tribe, what is sacred and what isn’t, and I’m involved in a lot of intertribal activities and have some knowledge of other tribes’ traditions. If I don’t know, I ask.

      My tribe NEVER wore the war bonnet, for one thing. None of the Southeastern tribes did or any of the eastern woodland tribes. A small number of Plains Indian tribes wear it. And even then, each and every feather on the war bonnet is EARNED. It’s not a fashion accessory. It’s sacred, much like wearing a crucifix or cross is to a Christian. The short of it is, a man earns the right to wear it based on his deeds in his Tribe.

  • looking at cat gifs

    he wore a head dress on the cover of the last NERD album and no one said a word. or maybe no one saw that?

  • BLACK is INDIGENOUS and the PRIME BASE. BLACK is the AUTOCHTHON on EVERY continent and island. The RED, BROWN, YELLOW & WHITE races are mutated copies of the PRIME BASE. So, I must ask who are the REAL NATIVES in the AMERICAS? That headdress looks VERY AfRAkan to me.

    • that’s ridiculous. what a dumb argument. mutated… try, evolved.

      • Evolved to what? GENETIC MUTATION is what formed the numerator races. That’s why their DNA is incomplete.

      • Jennifer Robertson

        You are very ignorant. We all adapted to our environments through evolution. Some traits are not suitable to survival and through selective mating are lost. This was the premise of survival of species. Species adapt to their specific environments, flora and fauna. The premise of Pangea and then as the continents separated then we became isolated genetically and adapted to our specific environments.

      • @Jennifer Roberton – Your intelligence is NOT recognizable, but your GENETIC INCOMPETENCY is.

        Caucasian DNA is NOT a result of evolution. Its RECESSIVE GENETIC MUTATION was NOT a NATURAL OCCURRENCE either. It was CAUSED by deviant s3xual behavior and activities that are STILL indulged within today’s societies–just as cavemen did while sequestered within the dark caves of Europe over many, many generations for an extended period of time isolated from the rest of the world where outside civilizations flourished. It is within the caves where the psychological, genetic and physiological transformation took place that produced the species called ‘Caucasian’–except they didn’t have the modern appearance they have today. The intervention of AfRAkan DNA brought that about.

        Those who are products of genetic mutation do not have COMPLETE genetic coding. The variant at the MC1R gene is proof of this defect.

      • hereinWA

        Your insanity and apparent mental illness is VERY recognizable. If you had any REAL information, you’d do so in a much more sensible way.

      • Your exchange with me hasn’t been sensible. You have a wonderful opportunity to refute me or shut up. If you can’t handle the candor within the content of my posts, skip over it. You will be less frustrated.

        Your thinking is NOT impressive. You’ve not demonstrated any use of it.

      • hereinWA

        Don’t mind her (or him, who knows?) they’re a little…uh, cuckoo? Time for medication!

      • And yet you CAN’T refute the ‘cuckoo’…

  • Jennifer Robertson

    In a study published in Science on Thursday, a team led by Jim Chatters at Applied Paleoscience, a consultancy based in Bothell, Washington, provide rare genetic evidence that the very first Americans came from Beringian stock. They extracted genetic material from one of Naia’s molars, specifically her mitochondrial DNA, which is passed exclusively down the maternal line. The DNA showed that Naia belonged to a lineage shared only with Native Americans.

    • What IS the genetic make-up of Native Americans? Let’s dispel deceptions because FRAUD is taking place.

  • Shontal

    He has accomplished more than any Indian I know. He has earned the right, right?

    • hereinWA

      No, he has not. He is not culturally Native, he doesn’t follow the ways of his tribe, he’s never mentioned his tribe. Gives him zero right. Accomplishments and deeds are different things. And there are a lot of accomplished Native Americans.

      • AfRAkans are a COLLECTION of INDIGENOUS TRIBES (BLOOD ROOTS) whose branches are scattered all over this planet. Every Black in the Diaspora carries a genetic signature that links them to one or more AUTOCHTHON blood lines on the Mother Continent. That link includes a Space/Time SOUND Dialect (language) and MA’AT sciences that established the basis of CULTURE. It is these influences that we see on the world landscape. We see OUR symbols and images embraced by other races that our ANCESTORS left behind as ‘markers’—a reminder of its TRUE ORIGINS.

        If you are NOT honest about the GENETIC MAKE-UP or origins of Native Americans because of your bigotry, you can’t be trusted in anything else you spout. Asante Sana!

  • “DNA recovered from 12,000-year-old skeleton helps to dispel claims that first Americans came from Australia, Asia or Europe” Of course, the REAL NATIVES didn’t come from Australia, Asia or Europe. They were AfRAkan! We already know that RECESSIVE GENE TRAITS that produced the STRAIGHT HAIRED species would NOT be the autochthon–on any land mass.

  • So…why do you deny that AfRAkan DNA is the SOURCE GENETIC CODE of humanity?? Why do you deny that the AfRAkan is the PRIME BASE?

    When groups are isolated by geography, as when the first humans migrated and continents separated, genetic variance was reduced and genetically distinct groups formed. This is deceptive. For example, the Vanuatu people were an isolated group on their south pacific island for 3,000 years WITHOUT outside contact until recent years (the 2,000’s). When outsiders found them, took pictures of them and explored their land for resources, it was obvious their INDIGENOUS AfRAkan DNA and aesthetics remained intact.

    It is peculiar how depigmented Caucasians, who are genetically distinct as the most recent racial permutation (and most distant from AfRAkan origins), try to conceal the truth about the CAUSE of their extreme mutation. The evidence surfaced not only in their DNA, but also included a blood type change. In spite of being the ‘new kid on the block’, they STILL try to insert themselves into antiquity–when their DNA did NOT exist.

    • Jennifer Robertson

      Hmm, I guess you have never seen albinism. It occurs in all races.

      • Of course, albinism occurs in all races, but it is permanently expressed as depigmentation within Caucasians. That is why Caucasians are ‘fixed Albinos’. What CAUSED this static depigmentation within an entire species?? Again, this was NOT a natural occurrence. Albinos within the Black race can STILL produce DARK BLACK offspring. Examine your variant MC1R gene for clues. Skirt around the issue if you want…

        You have not rebuffed the GENETIC FACT that BLACKS are the PRIME BASE beings on this planet.

      • Of course, albinism occurs in all races, but it is permanently expressed as depigmentation within Caucasians. That is why Caucasians are ‘fixed Albinos’. What CAUSED this static depigmentation within an entire species?? Again, this was NOT a natural occurrence. Albinos within the Black race can STILL produce DARK BLACK offspring. Examine your variant MC1R gene for clues. Skirt around the issue if you want… By the way, the original blood type is ZERO or ‘O’. How did Caucasians acquire @NIMAL BLOOD TYPES of A/B/ABO?

        You have not rebuffed the GENETIC FACT that BLACKS are the PRIME BASE beings on this planet. BLACK NATURE validates this through our DNA code.

  • 2real4thisworld

    Oh pleaseeee! Black people are the real native Americans and they know it. The government is paying them off to pose as us. We didn’t come here on a boat, main concern why is health reason if it happen the so called slaves would of surely died. there’s no Proof we came here on the boat, but there’s proof we belong here, Olmecs, Mayans, etc. this is why they didn’t want black people back then to read so we wouldn’t find out who we are. Giving us some false title “African American” those people don’t even like us let alone claim their culture. Them people on the reservations are half breeds, I’m Pequot and black foot, the reason they’re mad at this guy is because he’s claiming his real heratige and they don’t look like him a real native! The truth is coming out sooner then they think!