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11 Celebs Who Defended Justin Bieber Using The N-Word [Photos]


2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Will Smith

TMZ reports Will Smith was also aware of these videos, but never said anything.

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  • LadyLibra

    Of course these are all people whose skin color may happen to have melanin but given the 1st chance/opportunity they would denounce it for being a Caucasoid! So, does their opinion really matter?!?

  • Silly

    How did these celebs “defend” Bieber if they opted to say nothing.

    • ThisAmazesMe

      Sometimes what you don’t say can speak volumes also. “Silent agreement”

  • ShyGirlBeBe

    That’s the problem with this generation nobody wants to take responsibility for ANYTHING. And that’s when America become a truly lame place to be.

  • Truth352

    seems strange all the coons who are defending him have money, let them ask some poor or middle class black people what they think about it.

  • CaribbeanGlow

    I’m not catching Whoopi’s point. Is she saying he was calling only American blacks n- words? And that she’s okay with that?

    • donny j

      Right! Im not from Canada but im sure the N word means the same there as it does here.

  • michael nolan

    why are we not talking about the kids that got stabbed in an elevator in brooklyn?

    • CaribbeanGlow

      We’re talking about both. You can find a post about that if you have input.

  • ThisAmazesMe

    This is scary. I prefer to know who my enemy is and fight against it. But for my people to know what the enemy is and smile along side it amazes me. To disregard what this teenager said is to disregard the struggle that many of our people went through whom were lynched behind the word n***er or raped and burned alive right after they were called that word. I understand forgiveness, but being dismissive is something else. Whoopi’s comment was that he’s Canadian, and that’s a different crowd. Well that’s our bad that Canadian’s don’t know, because they should. One of the rapper guys said ”he” adopted hip hop culture. Should we sell ourselves so short as to say that as long as a white man accepts us he can call us whatever he wants? Oh, this world is going down. Truly on a decline. Do not look to these hip hop artists for guidance. They are as lost as they come.

    • CaribbeanGlow

      Plus, it isn’t even “just” that he used the word… he was laughing about kiIIing blacks as he called them the word. He aligned himself with hate groups that murdered and tortured our people. He didn’t “just” use it in a song or joke. He spoke hate. That doesn’t just evaporate when you pass 18 years old.

  • ThisAmazesMe


  • Queen of Mean

    Why in the world are these so called rappers trying to defend this racist bastard ,let’s take it back in history what about Emmitt Till who was beaten to death for even looking at a white woman.I have seen so many racist historic flims about young black boys being hung by the kkk what make this bastard any different when we are born..we are not born racist it is taught by the parents ,the grandparents and so on. I couldn’t figure out why he was hanging with the young black boys but now it makes sense…They knew it was in the making what he said would be published.And Usher,Will Smith along w/ the rest of them is a disgrace and whoopi needs to keep her mouth shut the way her and Ted Danson was gettin it on and the way she was receiving hate mail and death threats by those racist whites
    They need to ship his racist talentless butt right back to Candana along w/his racist mother.Hey Bieber boy wonder if you ever witness a lynching since you joked about joining the KKK.

    • Lady B.

      *Lady ,B.*

  • Lady, B.

    Why in the world are these rappers defending this racist bastard,let’s take it back in history what about Emmitt Till who beaten to death for looking at a white woman.I have seen so many racist historic films about young black boys being hung by the KKK what makes this racist bastard any different when we are born ..we are not born racist it’s taught by the parents ..grandparents and so on.I couldn’t figure out why he was hanging with the black boys but know it makes since ,They knew it was in the making what he said would be published.And Usher ,Will Smith along w/ with the rest of them is a disgrace and whoopi knows she needs to keep her mouth shut the way her and Ted Damson was gettin on and she was receiving hate mail and death threats from those racist whites.
    They need to ship his racist talentless butt right back to Canada along w/his racist mama .Hey Bieber boy I wonder if you ever witness a lynching since you joked about joining the KKK.

    • Sarah Reed

      They are defending him because they are making money off of him now; are planning to make money off of him in the future; or are in the process of working with him at the moment; very simple. He is a gravy train with the train cars behind him filled with ignorant female teeny-boppers with money to burn. Why, do you think for one moment that they would be defending him if he was down-and-out and broke?

    • CaribbeanGlow

      I saw someone opine that they (Usher, Will) advised him to hang with blacks so that when this came out it’d be brushed under the rug like some are trying to do. He was as white as they come. His crossover makes perfect sense now. Imagine if he was still that white bread kid and turned into a white bread adult. He would be viewed as the racist, hateful prick that he is, very easily.

  • donny j

    Every last one of these dingbats on this list are sell out negropeans.

  • ashaaa

    The only comment that pissed me off was Mack Maine’s he can never adopt OUR culture dumb bi tch. Stop letting these white artist define our culture. If anything Justin Beiber is making a mockery of it.

  • Marty!

    Because $$$$$$$$

  • pooty

    Damn c@@ns want his fan base!

  • Ox

    Funny, what you all expect?

    He’s hanging out with lots of African-Americans who use the n-word ALL THE TIME. Its not like this n-word is some never used slur word, I walk down the street, on the bus, watch some music video all I hear is ‘ni**er this, ni***er that’ by African-Americans always, then when some white kid say it we all want to crucify him.

    You all are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

    • CaribbeanGlow

      You hear people use it and say they’re going to kiII n-words and join the kkk? I’ve never heard that, myself. Also, has it ever crossed your mind that not everyone black uses that word? No one I socialize with uses that word. I never have and could not. It makes my bl00d boil. Stop using that as an excuse for whites to use this disgusting word they coined to wreak havoc on blacks in America.

      • hernandayoleary

        Whites were calling blacks that far before blacks were. And of course 2 wrongs don’t make a right. The reality is hollywood coons and label producing jews are trying to push it on all blacks who widely reject it.

      • Sarah Reed

        Yes, it’s the Jews’ fault, as usual : )

    • Sarah Reed

      He didn’t casually throw around the N word in conversation with a black person, he changed the words of a song and parodied that he wanted to kill Ns (and without an “a” on the end but an “er”-big contextual difference) and join the KKK. This is very different than saying the N word in songs and conversation. So I guess black people sit around and talk to each other about how they want to kill Ns and join the KKK, that’s just part of “black culture”-there’s no parallel in your analogy. You are reaching a bit and your argument to justify his extreme arrogance, entitlement, and buffoonery as normal linguistics in black culture is absolutely pathetic and falls flat. I guess it would then be acceptable for a non-Jew that has lots of Jewish friends to parody a song and sing that he wants to kill Jews and join the Nazi skin-heads. Yes, the black people that he hangs out with may use the N word all the time, but they aren’t using it the way he is: mugging his suburban white face in front of a camera, with his sycophant, “hangers-on” friends as his audience, trying to get a laugh at the expense of something horrible that was a big part of black history for many years, and still is in some backwards parts of the country. And by the way, when this video was recorded, he hadn’t yet made his transformation into a black person yet; he was still a goofy white kid trying very hard to be “cool.”

    • hernandayoleary

      Not true. Most blacks don’t use it. White producers like levine won’t produce cds without the nword on it. Just ask lupe fiasco. This is why r&b, rock and roll and enitre generations of music never had the use of the word. Go and find michael jackson or prince or jimi hendrix using the n-word on his song, you can’t. They held lupe’s record for 3 years because he wouldn’t do it. And justin used this before he even knew any blacks, he hanged around with blacks to try to cover his racist pass.

  • hernandayoleary

    Thank you hip hop wired for outting the coons and house niegroes desperate to satisfy the old masta justin biebler. I guess if I had $120 million in my bank account like Floyd mayweather or will smith maybe you just stop caring what white people say. But for us regular black people it is very annoying.

  • hernandayoleary

    It isn’t. Most black people reject this. It is a small minority of hollywood rappers who are paid off by bierber’s PR machine trying to push it onto the mainstream as acceptable when it isn’t. And you are right, there are rappers invested in him and whose pay cheque depends on his success and they will say ANYTHING to keep that cheque coming. Haven’t you ever heard that thing about people in Hollywood selling their souls to the devil and all that. They aren’t talking about a man with a pitch fork and a red tail. They are talking about people like these above who go against common sense and their true beliefs because someone is telling them to do it, even though they don’t believe it.

  • CaribbeanGlow

    I’ve been saying this all over the internet and it is good to see someone white that also gets it. Although I hate and do not use that word, I have even gone so far as to have to say “put the word aside for a moment”. He is talking about kiIIing blacks and thus being granted entry into the kkk.

  • taschaylajackson

    Justin Bieber made a mistake about a real thing but people make mistakes and i know Justin Bieber is growing up but reallly?haters don’t have to hate on Justin Bieber because he is not a bad guy. Im not giving up on him and i think he need a pass and just be who he is and not in trouble for 1 mistake every body say the n****R you can’t blame him. i say it all the time.BY taschayla jackson