Damon Richardson

Bangin Candy: Sheera Josette, So Thick It’s A Blessing [Photos]



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  • guest

    She has to tone up.

    • S Jo

      I like her brown skin, but are her tities real?
      Her waist looks lipo’d out!
      She needs to do some calf raises to tone her straight legs!
      I am a natural hourglass, so when ho’s lipo their stomach, get implants and stuff like that, I can’t compliment the ho!

      She alright, but if u are going to spotlight a broad, she needs to have “WOKE UP LIKE THAT”!

      • JoeYardie

        shes banging

    • datdudemike

      Shes very toned for her proportion stop hating and yes you are hating.

      • guest

        See, its simps like you that got fat chicks thinking they can be models. She is borderline chubby. If she wants to get in the game, she needs to get in a gym and get her tummy and legs right.

        Its the only way…

      • datdudemike

        Your a woman your not supposed to be attracted to her if you had a body like that you would flaunt it bones aren’t attractive to me im a tittie man lol jelousy sucks huh how do you look.

      • guest

        I look terrific. No floppy boobs, no love handles, no saddlebags.
        If she spent half as much time eating clean and working out as she did squeezing herself in her little sisters clothes, she’d be winning.
        As a fitness enthusiast, I can say with no bias that this chick needs to tone up. That stomach is no bueno. If she wants to model she has to lay off the sugary drinks and fried foods.
        Call it jealousy tho if that is what makes you feel better.

      • datdudemike

        Yeah right im sure you are a fitness enthusiast as in natura shaped like a boy men like titties and butt sorry you dont fit what we like but you do sound jelous and I doubt you look terrific I bet you just average so stop replying to me bye.

      • guest

        No, you must have a fat sloppy broad at home. But that’s your prob. Stop projecting.
        If you leave your block sometime and actually go somewhere you will see that there are women who are actually in shape, eat right, go to the gym and don’t use lipo as a weight loss technique.
        Ask mommy to give you some bus fare and keep us posted.

    • Reese

      After she sheds 15 pounds. It will be muscle fat otherwise.

  • if she natural, then she A1…but like somebody below me done said, she gotta stay toning up tho

  • Stacy Lace

    She’s fat! I could see her belly hanging and her stretch marks. She should call Rosa Acosta for a work out plan

  • missj2u

    i wish she dress her size

    • Yep

      I wish these big girls would stop just getting lipo on their stomach. It looks horrible. Cute face though.

      • FORREAL

        I. Just wish all these chicks In the industry stop dressing like PEGGY BUNDY!!!!! #FORREAL.. LOL

  • MLS2698


    • PolkaDots

      hahahahha – dude I was thinking the same thing but the caption had me going ok so what’s the deal with this one….Black dudes boy — I don’t get it.

  • Rachael

    Omg she’s friggin huge! If this is what appeals to guys nowadays – it’s a goal I will NEVER aim for. Sorry- not sorry. 🙁

    • katie

      Huge really????

    • Aaliyah Noelle

      You over exaggerating. She not huge. She just need to shed like 15-20 pounds.

  • QuestionsBeforeActions

    you can say she needs to tone up but if that’s her real body she was blessed with a great figure. she’ll look great at all sizes because she’s really well proportioned. someone else at her weight wouldn’t look nearly as good.

    or she could actually just chill because I don’t think the weight is bad, but I guess if you’re a model you have to take the criticism

    • agreed

      i agree. if that’s her real body…wow, she looks really good. thick but a ‘good’ thick…lol

    • Whitty Huton Wuld Toor AKA DD

      It’s sad that we have to say “if she’s real…..”. These people out here really pushing out dollars to look like that. In my opinion I think there was no surgery involved.

  • icebull

    A gym should b in her near future

    • Reese

      And a nutrition plan.


    Ok ight she got body, but her face and them stretch marks are not special.


    she look like her body smell like spritz.

  • renee

    i dont care what body parts are real or not i’m concerned with why she dresses like that in public. do you really need that much attention? Dang

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    She fat.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Uhhh she’s definitely an acquired taste. If you’re into THICKALICIOUS to CHUBBY, then BON APPETITE!

  • Chrissy

    Wow you people are extreme haters. Her body, skin, and face is beautiful. Stop saying she need to lose weight so she can look like those fake, knifed up women you see on tv.

  • prettyman

    That face looks like a rat! Boobs are too big and sloppy for my taste!

  • idk. not a hater but something looks off. in the bathing suit she looks great in clothes something’s distorted. maybe the boob job and lipo idk. not sold on that face either. maybe the boobs are too big but something is def off

  • jackpot Lol what the other commenter said. big girls getting lipo only in the stomach. damn that’s what I’ve been trying to say . stop getting lipo only in your stomach

  • emanism

    It’s no way this chick is all natural. She looks like the typical knifed, sucked up chick that’s becoming common place…


    My God. Nah I like her just like that

  • Dre78

    Hoez hating against other hoez. What else is new?

  • She’s chubby.

  • sexyasstruth

    If she had a little muffin top n a lil gut she would b considered fat to ppl but she is a little chunky

  • sexyasstruth

    She needs a breast reduction. Huge tits that hang ain’t cute but a lil more toning on hips n legs she will b great

  • SMEOB, Liberated at last!


  • solofromtoronto

    on second thot..

  • The_Good_Life

    Damn…damn near drop my cell phone..lol..

  • I see ALOT of insecure chicks in the comments bashing LOL

  • ThePostTube

    Damn woman you’re blind.

  • Guudamn, she cold