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30 Reasons Why Kanye West Married Kim Kardashian



Kanye West and Kim Kardashian tied the knot on May 24, and true fans know that the Chicago rapper and producer has had the beautiful reality star in his sights for years. Looking at the newly minted Mrs. West and her impressive curves, it’s not hard to guess some of the reasons why Yeezy made the choice he did.

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    • AnonDude123

      No – fat and ugly.

      • Scooby Doh

        Yep, with a poutface like a snapper.


    So its come down to this…posting about these two for no reason

  • mzfierce2013

    He never looks happy with her

    • no true, he’s happy for once

      He almost ALWAYS looks happy with her, except when the aggressive paparazzi are in his face blocking their way. They’re so rude, say things so crude to get a reaction from him, and the flashes are literally blinding.

    • Martine

      He never looks happy period. He is a douchebag at all times.

      • Scooby Doh


  • Touch and Feel

    I want to see Kanye’s big round asset from the back. He has nice thighs and a big butt too! 😉

  • Eunice

    she is a narcissist, with no brains and a stupid looking enormous butt….eeewwwwww!

    • lulany

      In other words…a perfect match (minus the enormous but)

  • whome

    Excuse my typo * thought*

    • Glenda

      In all her photos she looks hollow and not genuinely happy. How sad that she is not for her giant Diaper rear!
      She is not a natural beauty, especially now!

      • judgmental a_holes

        She’s got a beautiful face, gorgeous eyes and some men are very attracted to a big rear. I’m positive she’s prettier than you with a better shape. A confident woman would not leave a snarky message like yours.

  • Guest 2

    Talk about sexualizing women……….. so he only married her for her assets???? I don;t think so, and this gives a horrible interpretation of marriage, commitment and love….. People magazine should be ashamed to send this message out to their young viewers.

  • Ruth

    I think she looks great, takes great care of herself, has amazing skin, beautiful eyes, and nice curves, not stick thin with no shape. Plus you can feel the chemistry between the two and you can feel the connection. Why are you all so jealous and hating? Cant anyone be happy for people anymore, why do you feel the need to hate instead of love and embrace?

    • Pam

      Thank goodness for you Ruth. You speak the truth. It is so refreshing to read a kind comment, thanks.

      • Guest

        You are both out of your minds..The truth? These two are suffering from Malignant Narcissistic Disorder. Do you even know what that means??!!! It’s people like you that will keep these morons in the limelight. They need to disappear forever!

      • Scooby Doh

        Or chronic self agrandisement syndrome……

  • trudy

    i feel since Kim has been with her man she has made a big change in her looks and clothes she looks much better and shapely she looks great i personally don’t care for her mom

  • bubbles

    So that’s why he married her…interesting (yawns)

  • Magic Mushroom

    Damb, that butt is big…. ewwww

  • Danielle McTavish

    Who fakin cares!!!!!! seriously people…….

  • Christopher Usewicz

    How does this explain anything? He married her cuz he always loved her looks. What happens when she starts getting plastic surgery a few times a year to keep some semblance of them?


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  • Been Thru That

    Let’s see what her booty looks like in a few years. Also – does Kanye ever smile?

  • Biff Tannen

    what – is she the only fat-assed, large-breasted woman in the world? I wouldn’t go within 50 feet of her or watch one second of her stupid TV shows

  • alumette

    Gross, simply gross.

    • Scooby Doh

      Gonna be some dimples on that cushion soon dats 4 sure.

  • Robert Kutner

    The real question is, why did she marry HIM?

    • Doug6669

      That would only take one pic — $$$$$

  • Flaggi

    Any pics that show why SHE married him?

  • sunny

    starlet implies that she is actually an actor or performer or anything other than what she really is: someone who gets paid to show up to different places and be photographed while there.

  • sunny

    also, that has to be the worst wedding dress she has ever worn, and yes, she has worn quite a few.

  • NotKravingKimye

    Everyone talks about her great exterior. Ever hear people say that it doesn’t matter how great someone looks, if the interior doesn’t seem beautiful? That would be true in this case. Most can see that she’s so phony. There isn’t enough time or space here to list examples, because of course you’ll try to rebut the obvious. People instinctively know that she’s not a beautiful soul, and that’s the explanation you’re looking for.

  • lm

    They are so suited to each other! She does NOTHING but take selfies, stare at her plastic body in mirrors and expose as much T&A as possible every time she ventures out in public. He is a legend in his own mind. What an incredibly vacuous pair!!

    • Scooby Doh

      Yeah, cant stand the public that adores her. Real hero for our times Pfft.

  • Pambrad

    So shallow to marry someone just for their physical appearance. He has a daughter, now. I hope he is more discretionary w/ her potential suitors!! &&& just FYI, do you know what big fat butts & big boobs look like in middle age?? Not so great! Not to mention tats!