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Black Twitter Slanders LeBron James After Game 1 Cramps [Photos]


The mean streets of Twitter is a ravenous land that no man is safe from. Just ask LeBron James, a consistent mule for top-tier slander and the Internets’ current topic of conversation.

The NBA Champion’s luck ran short during last night’s Miami Heat/San Antonio Spurs game. The air conditioner blew out at the AT&T Center, making temperatures rise up to 100 degrees. As if that weren’t enough strife, James cramped up and made a premature exit from the contest with four minutes left in the fourth quarter of Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Now a bad cramp is no laughing matter, so there was some empathy for James in that regard. But that came from a small cluster of the population on the grander scale of slanderous comments from web detractors.

Footage of the NBA star being carried to the bench by his teammates soon became the inspiration for a trend known as #Lebroning. See what that entails, as well as a bunch of other jokes after the jump.

Photo: Twitter

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    Everyone have their own pain tolerance thresh-hold so LEAVE LEBRON ALONE UNTIL YOU FEEL HOW HE FELT! Daaaayyymmm!

  • 051carlos

    Lebron will have the last laugh.


    you take it like a BISH!

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    Anybody but the heat

  • poolgamer

    The air conditioning malfunction was probably done on purpose just like I believe that the 49ers iced the steelers when the lights went out, all of a sudden, at half time! Everything this man does is put under a microscope! I have had cramps and I wouldn’t play either especially when he is the one to do EVERYTHING for that team! Lebron will be back with a Killer mindset and I can’t wait. Get rid of those old boring SPURS! Matter of fact they were jacking the Spurs up be4 Lebron went out so the spurs got reaaaaaallllll lucky!

    • jusayin

      I mean this is really sad that one man can get so much hate!!!!..and from. grown men!!!..when are they gonna stop riding this man!!… About his decision!! . And men be the first to say I’m a grown a$$ man!!..when they do what the Hell they want and want you to respect it…well respect him and stop acting like bi!@#es!! For him not to mean nothing they sure do stay riding him!!

    • Shane

      so the AC malfunction was done only to put Lebron out the game? that’s your excuse? and the Spurs got lucky by winning by 15 points even with the Heat having 2 other allstar players on the floor along with a future hall of famer? Lebron by himself would have stopped the entire Spurs team from scoring the last 3 minutes? you sound stupid…..