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Check Out Your Favorite ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Stars In Civilian Clothes [Photos]



Vicky Jeudy aka Janae Watson

The Season Two Premiere of Orange is the New Black

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  • Matt L Parks

    Season 2: Episode 2 “Looks Blue, Tastes Red” @34:07 – INTERNATIONAL P from the old Fight Klub battle rap show on MTV pops in. I see now why SMACK White ain’t playin bout that money. They will do you dirty if you let em.

    • PolinaWellingsiso

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  • PardonMoi

    OMG!!! Is it Transformation Tuesday already??

  • Goddessmalfunction

    Piper ma n I g g a. That black dude asked her for the panties she calmly told him she been rockin them for four days!!! She aint shyt!!!! Lmao! Inmate problems…luv luv OITNB

  • FireRed

    Love this show!! I already watched the whole season 2


    I watched 5 mins of it and couldn’t do it

  • vix

    Some of the ladies look a lot better with no make up on, it ages them.

  • PolkaDots

    OMG – The first two photos – Are you serious? They should have left #1’s eyebrows ALONE in the make over….OMG – And photo needs Spanx. You’ve got to be kidding me…HOWEVER there were some very nice ones unfortunately I had to do much too much clicking to get to them.