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Money Trees: 10 Rappers Who Got Caught Up Over Child Support [Photos]


Between child support, taxes, and rent (if you’re Chief Keef) some rappers just can’t seem to keep the bills in order. Of all the expenses to stay on top of, child support would obviously be the most important, so why is it that rappers always end up in some form of struggle?

From what we gather, the child support issue tends to come up once a rapper makes it to the multimillionaire mark. Bringing in more money means shelling out more child support  funds and possibly having the details spill over into the media (which is how we came up with this list).

Earlier today, you’re favorite Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta struggle star Stevie “J” Jordan was arrested for owing more than $1 million on a child support debt  that’s been outstanding for the last 13 years. Stevie J isn’t a rapper, but we’ll consider him “rap-ish” because his music credits include work with the likes of Jay Z, Lil Wayne, and Nas (that counts for something).

To make sure that Stevie knows he’s not alone, we’ve compiled a register of people who feel his pain. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the rappers on our list aren’t good fathers and don’t spend time with their seeds, we’re only dealing with money matters here.

Hit the gallery below to view 10 rappers who got caught up in child support struggle.

Photos: Instagram/Facebook

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