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Charlamagne Tha God: Justin Bieber Is A Douche, We Should Stop Using The N-Word [VIDEO]


We asked Charlamagne Tha Godwho happens to top our BlackTwitter100 “Slander Kings (And Queens)” list, about the recently unearthed, N-word slinging shenanigans of Justin Bieber. The Power 105 radio host and MTV2 (and Revolt) television personality kept it 100 while suggesting that it way past time Black people stopped using the N-word. 

“If we’re saying the N-word is a term of endearment, then let everybody use it,” Charlamagne told Hip-Hop Wired. “Don’t say when we use it’s good, when you use it, it’s bad. If not, stop complaining.”

He added, “Because if you’re not going to accept it as a term of endearment across the board, that means it’s not good.”

Peep Charlamagne’s full explanation above and let us know if you agree or disagree in the comments below.

Photo: Hip-Hop Wired

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  • the Stephen A Smith of hip hop stay buck dancing

  • smittyt

    Who is that ignorant tap dancing Samb0?

  • lol

    He is right!!

  • Jacdee


  • Col. Stinkmeaner

    He’s is not a sambo for saying this. The N word need to be eliminated for black folks vocab completely. If not, white folks will always have an argument to call you one.

    • he right

      i hate to admit it but he is absolutely right. the n word isn’t a term of endearment all the time. even when blacks talk about other blacks some time the n word is negative. so we should stop using it. I’m going to try my best to stop.

    • White people said the word before us and will continue to say it in case we eliminated, that wont stop isshhh negro.

    • dnoskeam

      What? We should stop using a word because our enemies will find a way to use it? How about busting in our enemies long skinny heads every time they use it? Is that too manly for ya? That’s what the n**gaz in my city do, and I’ve never heard a pinkskin use that word in person . . . Why? . . . Because they know we’ll put that work in on their face. You other n**gaz need to grow some balls and follow our lead.

      ….and by refusing to say n**ga, that won’t prevent our enemies from using n**ger.

      • Queen2Cent

        No, but they will think twice before they try to handle us.

      • dnoskeam

        You lost me, could you further explain your reply?

      • Queen2Cent

        It’s kind of similar to take you for granted, but on a “hustle you” level. The reason for this is, WE do it to ourselves. So they try us. They handle us any kind of way without regard. That is the best way I can explain it. This is an old expression.

      • Learn how to convey your message properly you dummy.

      • Queen2Cent

        First off DUMMY, I ain’t your dummy. It ain’t my fault you have never heard of the expression… so you can kiss the deepest part of my Black A$$.

  • Trendsetter

    He’s right crazy how we let this happen…

  • JesusDaFag

    So I gotta stop using it because some uncle toms refuse to ban Massa for using the N-word?
    well FAWK YOU CHARLAMAGNE or whatever the fawk you call your damn self

    • Queen2Cent

      If you’re going to use the N’word than use if appropriately, because lets face it N’words do exist. Any Black person set out on DESTROYING the Black Community, is a N!qqa in my eyes.

      Right now you’re sounding like a spoiled White Person, complaining about not being able to use the N’word…. I hope you’re not an N’Word?!?!

      • JesusDaFag

        yo dude I AM BLACK…da fawk ur talkin ’bout????????

      • Queen2Cent

        Perhaps you need to read my comment over again?!?!?!?

      • dnoskeam

        So you’re saying that if you’re gonna use the “N” word, only use it in the same fashion as whites? N**gaz in America are doomed, by far, the dumbest and most disloyal group of people on the planet.

      • Col. Stinkmeaner

        This whole internet tough guy routine is old. Peace be with you brother.

      • dnoskeam

        I’m not your brother, I don’t rock with scary lil b**ch n**gaz. Talkin’ this internet tough guy s**t, you don’t have a clue. B**tch n**ga, I’m not your enemy, the pink muthaf**kaz you’re in favor of catering to is your muthaf**kin’ enemy. Stupid muthaf**kaz think they can fight white supremacy without violence, they’d rather conform like a b**ch. Forever renegade over here, I’ll NEVER bow down to a h*nkey. Was that “tough” enough for ya?

      • Col. Stinkmeaner

        Wow, you really feel some type of way. I laugh at you and everyone like you, take that none sence to your therapist… if you can afford one, BTW Im 6’2 215lbs, brother.

        -All huffing and puffing but no bite.

      • dnoskeam

        You’re white, you & I both know it’s true. Your over-usage of the word “brother” & your low reading comprehension skills gave you away. We don’t say “brother” when referring to one another, and if we do, it’s used subtly. Ignore me & my comments for now on, I don’t like corresponding with your kind.

        You spelled “therapist” & “nonsense” wrong, and that’s coming from a n**ga with an 8th grade education, an almost daily weed habit & 2 prison numbers.

  • So we supposed to stop saying because white people said so? shut up!

    • i swear anything can happen when you give tap dancers the light lol

    • Queen2Cent

      You sound like a White Teabagger, upset because you cannot use the N’word without repercussions and consequences. N!QQAS the reason why we will never prosper, I swear.

      • I’m chilling drinking my tea because I can use it any time – I’m not aware of the “repercussions and consequences” and I care less about it.

      • Queen2Cent

        Okay White Troll, or Samb0, boasting about being able to use the N’word. Use it until your “Eating Watermelon for the Man” heart’s content, because I don’t give a Fk about Crackas or N!qqas.

  • j

    Who is Charlemagne….crap

  • I agree with wat he saying but Charlamagne lets keepit 100 ok…….your saying all this but you keep supporting artist that rap about the N-word on the Breakfast Club. So obviously your nor concerned about ppl using the N-word.

  • Al-Ameera

    He’s absolutely correct on this.

  • dingo_egret

    He’s completely right.