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Man Who Murdered Malcolm X Freed From Prison


After serving 44 years behind prison walls, Thomas Hagan, who admitted to his role in the assassination of Malcolm X, was paroled on Tuesday.

Hagan is the only man to confess to killing Malcolm X, who was gunned down back in 1965 during a speech delivered in New York’s Audubon Ballroom.

“I have deep regrets about my participation in that,” he told the parole board on March 3, according to a transcript. “I don’t think it should ever have happened.”

According to the New York State Department of Correctional Services, Hagan, 69, was released a day early due to paperwork being processed faster than what was initially expected.

Pleading a case for freedom last month, Hagan asked that he be returned to his family and hoped to become a substance abuse counselor.

Being held at the minimum-security Lincoln Correctional Facility, Hagan serviced his time by being a participant in a full-time work-release program that started back in March 1992.  As part of the stipulations of the program, he was given the opportunity to live with his family five days of the week and report back to the prison the other two days.

Initially, he was sentenced 20 years to life imprisonment after being found guilty back in 1966 while the other two involved were released in the 1980s and still deny their involvement in the murder.

As part of his deal, Hagan was required to acquire and maintain employment, support his children and abide by a curfew while he is free.  According to Hagan, he has been working for the past seven years at a fast-food restaurant.

In relation to his release, the Nation Of Islam has been sought out, but they declined any comment on the news.

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  • iballin

    this man will be viewed as a pariah until the day he dies,which should be soon

  • ^^^I co-sign.

  • currvalicous

    Well, this man & the others should’ve actually served the rest of their lives in prison. A world known figure, a martyr, a civil rights icon etc. How in the world does he get to enjoy life w/his family. The Shabazz family was torn apart by Malcolm’s assassination. Generations later, w/the turmoil they’ve suffered, read their stories it’s really sad. My heart goes out to them til this day. It just goes to show what the gov’t really thought of Malcolm.

    • Rayluv2269

      The us govt is afraid of doing humanly right actions.
      They lie to us everyday , and this man transformned into a phenomal human . When I grow up I would walk In his shoes any day . A great man

  • Mel

    All of them clowns should rot in prison

  • Hagan was used as a pawn and unfortunately he killed a man who was a husband and a father but he was the heart of a movement and we as a people lost our heart when Malcolm X was assassinated. Black folks haven’t been the same since the death of Malcolm X and Dr. King. We are falling for the okey-doke and are happy with the crumbs that are brushed off the table and swept to the floor. By the way, since Hagan was killing leaders and everything, where was he when Bush was president? I kid, I kid.

  • Josianne

    If it was a black man taking the life of a white leader he’d rot in jail for life!

  • Hueys_Neice

    He ain’t rot cause it was a plot from the guvment….who goes to jail on the weekends for murder?

  • JesusKrishna

    You’ve heard thou shalt not commit murder, and you know what the penalty is for murder but I tell you that you are not to pursue.

    Once found guilty of murder they all should have been executed.

    Plain and simple.

  • Rolanda

    Malcolm X was a racist. The man did his time now let him be free. The others involved didn’t do half the time he did. He wasn’t even the main one that killed Malcolm X. He feels sorry for what he did. It takes alot to take responsibility for your actions and he was the only one to do that.

    • acs

      How could Macolm X be racist because he loved his people. WHITE folks are the racist, do you even know the meaning of being a racist (to be able to keep a race down) so how can ONE black man keep the WHITE race down, read a book, learn something.

    • Rayluv2269

      The main one is your simplified justification for MURDER. Seriously. Not one but each and everyM one of them shall be be held to a higher creator of all. But while on earth he if he is a repentf person would just stayed where he was at in prison . He sacrificed thisans life so he should sacrifice his own.

  • RedboneKillBill

    SMDH, a true n*gg*r at its finest! I guess I should support the fact that people change, but to let jealousy and envy cause you to kill your “brother” is beyond reprehensible.

  • Andrea

    He is actually been free since 1992. I wouldn’t actually call serving weekends being in Prison….This is just a formality. Lucky him if he had killed Bush or Kennedy he would still be locked up. Thank God for him Malcolm was a BLACK MAN.

  • ddg

    I dont know, I think he should still be locked up too, and it might’ve just been some plot. Serving just the weekends?man GTFOH! thats not cool…But you have to stop and think, he is 69 years old, we should just for forget, not Malcom X, but him, forget and forgive…because it already happen, years ago!

    • Rayluv2269

      Yes years that that Malcolm didn’t LIVE. Malcolm’s family isn’t going to forget. But they shall forgive. Let’s hope all this rationalization going on here it’s blissful.

  • Ms Karma

    How can he have kids while incarcerated and Malcolm X never lived to see his kids grow and prosper. Killing someone in front of their family is cowardly and the government just patted him on his head and let him procreate. Sad state of affairs. I know people who will never come home from prison because they were with someone who committed murder, yet this guy kills an iconic figure and he is allowed to reproduce. Oh, yeah there is no racism in America. Coincidently, he was released early and on the day that Dorothy Height laid in repose at the headquarters of NAACP, not the capital rotunda where it where have been more adequate. WOW>>

  • underwsr

    Lord help us! To the person who said Malcolm X was a racist should pick up a book sometimes and/or review some history about Malcolm X who clearly had a change of heart about his views on racism. I agree with the person who wrote that if Malcolm X were a white leader the killers would have stayed in prison for life.

  • bryan

    Man how can this happen, think of malcolm’s kids, they will never know their father, and live with the fact that this man wrongfully took his life

  • kissmybutt

    farahkann ordered that hit. so dont think people give a damn what he say.

  • nobody

    If the out small pox in the blankets imagine whats in “Govement Cheese.”

  • TellMeSumting

    Not to minimize other people’s lives, but Charles Manson was a pig that murder what?? Random people and a white actress (Sharon Tate) and he will NEVER get out.

    Sirhan Sirhan (assassinated Robert Kennedy, a white senator/candidate for president) and HE will NEVER get out.

    Why then, do they allow someone who assassinated a black leader to live freely with his family, work, enjoy life and now – let him out.

    Tells a very clear story to me. How about you?

  • Bob

    The true story about Malcolm X!

  • larry dickinson

    what you said about if a black person killed a white person or white leader the black person will be in jail for life yes you are right a white person will do more good in this world to make it a better place to live than any black person im so sick and tired of hearing black people with loud mouths every where i go they never shut up they have no manners not even to each ather that is why you kill each ather black on black crime truth hurts but black people need to look in the mirror at them selves

  • J1000

    There are so many ignorant comments here….it’s a shame.  People writing things as if they know, when they’ve never read the true story.  Do some reading folks, instead of going off of what someone else told you.  Malcolm X was truly one of the great leaders of the 20th century, for all people, of all religions.  He was killed just as he was beginning to speak this enlightened truth.  It’s really a shame his life was cut short, when he clearly had so much more to offer us all.

    As for this man being released from jail, well, I feel that he should be in jail the rest of his life, but at the same time I kind of feel sorry for him.  Because I don’t really think he knew what he was doing, he was a young person, and was really brainwashed by the Nation of Islam.  Just a fool with a gun.

  • shannon

    I agree that the race card is played far too often. Noone has it easy . No excuses. There were two brothers killled. White guys John F. kennedy and Robert F . Kennedy . Im not racist and believe in humanbrights . People . All colors and races. The human race. Its peoples ignorance. If people still have a problem with African Americans and Caucasian its their fault. Need to grow as people. No offense but equality for all. Dont hate me because Im white either. God is all colors , races. Made in Hos image and likeness. God bless us aL.