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Everybody’s favorite struggle hound Chief Keef has been relatively quiet as of late, so he decided to create a headline by failing to pay his rent.

The 18-year-old Chicago rapper is headed down a path of bad credit before he’s even able to legally purchase alcohol.

Reports TMZ:

Rapper Chief Keef got tossed out on his ass today … when Lake Country deputies arrived to remove him from his apartment.

Keef was evicted from his crib in suburban Chicago for failing to pay rent. According to local reports, the rapper owed four months rent totaling $11,300.

Keef’s rap sheet is as long as his rap career these days — his most recent arrest coming back in March for DUI (also in Highland Park) … which came just two weeks after he left rehab for weed.

Keef doesn’t seem fazed by the eviction. Shortly after being shown the door he posted an Instagram vid in a new pad, and bragged he was “Looking For Houses.”

He’s currently looking to increase his jewelry collection as he recently tweeted: “Finna go get 5 Glo Men rings Courtesy of Kobe!” This news almosts tops the time last month when he failed to get health insurance for his infant daughter.

Kids. They always have their priorities in check.

Photo: Instagram/Chief Keef

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