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Lupe Fiasco is exhausting all measures to ensure the success of his latest mission. The Chicago lyricist recently appeared on Yahoo! News’ Katie Couric World 3.0 to push his new single and weareonamission.org site.

But before that, Couric facilitated a conversation about Fiasco’s upbringing in the Windy City, his controversial statements about President Barack Obama, the pressures of being Muslim in Hip-Hop, and more. Another interesting point was Lu’s decision to focus his rhymes primarily on intellectually enlightening listeners.

“As I started to dig into that intellectual upbringing — that kind of source material — that had a greater reaction,” he said.

That same thinking birthed “Mission,” a song that provides cancer awareness and challenges those with the disease to fight back and remain strong. “Can you take a record and use it to empower yourself no matter what you’re doing, No matter who you are, what color you are, your political stance, your race stance? Something that affects you totally… and it was disease. And the specific disease was cancer,” said Fiasco about the inspiration to create the record.

Before closing out the candid conversation, Fiasco invited Couric to give a testimonial on the track, as she’s lost both her husband and sister to cancer. See the footage below.

Photo: Yahoo!

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