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Bangin Candy: Vera Sidika, Pre-Skin Bleaching [Photos]


Let’s preface this brief spiel by saying that the whole skin bleaching fad is extremely vexing and has taken arguments about colorism to ascending heights. Today, Kenyan model and socialite Vera Sidika’s name circulated the Internets for this very reason, accompanied by the #BleachedBeauty hashtag after photos of the once darker complected woman leaked with lightened skin.

Now, we could delve into our thoughts about self-hate and the like, but we’d prefer to reminisce on the beauty that initially got Sidika noticed. To say that she’s shapely would be an understatement. And while her body turned many heads, her smooth skin was also one of her biggest draws.

That’s since changed, but there’s a gallery of photos showing what Vera Sidika, our latest Bangin Candy,  looked like before the skin bleaching that will block our claims.

Photo: Twitter, Instagram

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  • Building_MY_Truth

    She doesn’t deserve a platform…she has disgraced us enough….but nice @ss tho..LMAO

  • tarrilove

    She’s interesting and quirky. But it’s sad to see people give up on their brown skin. Like if you embrace your skin with confidence. Then people can’t front on your beauty.

  • Kevin Hart Ain’t Sh!t.

    Who the heck is she?? I’m lost….

  • Guest

    Sad she couldn’t see her self beautiful the way she was. I wonder what ugly dude told her she look better red.

  • Guest

    ewww her butt is wayyy to big that it actually looks ugly….

  • Pati Ortiz

    kim kardashian’s booty is nice, but that chicks butt is exaggerated it looks a little disgusting…..