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Black Twitter Destroys TerRio With Rapper Food Names [Photos]


Lil TerRio has become quite a polarizing phenomenon. The portly social media star is currently getting dragged on Twitter after a flick of him on stage holding a microphone made it onto the Internets.

We tried to tell you Black Twitter was a force to be reckoned with and they spared the poor sap no mercy by creating rapper food names to poke fun at his newfound struggle rap career.

If there was anyone campaigning for the slander buffet to end, we didn’t see it. Each trending topic slot was occupied with some form of punchline at the massive manchild’s expense. His managers had to see this coming.

It’s a cold, cold world and Lil TerRio just happens to be freezing in it. Hit the gallery below to see how that’s humanly possible without containing an ounce of chill.

Photos: Twitter

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  • Guestest

    Okay, that Mike Will Ate It had my laughing BUT this kid really need to lose weight. This is not healthy AT ALL!!!

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    Neck bones & harmony … Lmao

  • jimcrowohno

    SMH @ myself for laughing. This was truly hilarious.






  • Guest

    2 Chinz! I’m done.

  • Obese Bobby Johnson lmao

  • Brittany

    Notorious B.I.G. as hell
    Shock Top G
    Da Fat, Glaze-Z
    Cream Puff Daddy
    LL Cool Whip
    Vanilla Ice Cream
    Heavy T
    Lil Cheesy
    Lil cinnamon twist

  • disgusted in society

    And folks wonder why these young kids commit suicide. This so wrong, not funny, just wrong.

  • Alesha

    Black twitter aka black men kkk,bullying a child.Yes he is overweight but still a child,off limits to adult bullies.

  • bigdawgman

    Y’all need to leave that KID alone. This is soooo stupid, making fun of a little kid. I’m not even reading this bs, I just want it known that I think it’s silly for adults to make fun of kids. Old sad sack @ss bullies.

  • newdnewd

    I was prepared to go on a rant about how rude it is to make fun of a little kid, then I saw 50 cent wings… I’m sorry young dude, I have failed you lol

  • Mplscutiepie

    I can’t believe no one thought of N.W. Steaks LMBO!!!