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California Man Killed Hours After Jury Accidentally Acquits Him


A California man was killed the hours after a jury freed him on burglary charges by mistake Wednesday (June 11). By the time a judge noticed the mixup, he had already ordered Bobby Lee Pearson released from custody.Jurors mistakenly marked Pearson not-guilty on a verdict form, when in actuality four of the eight were in favor of guilt. The instructions were explained to jurors twice . “Apparently, the message wasn’t quite received,” prosecutor William Terrence said.

Pearson, 37, was a five time felon. He headed for his sister’s house to change clothes and pick up some personal items. There, he and her boyfriend, Willie Gray, 35,  got into an argument that ended with Pearson dead in the street.

“There’s not a death penalty on a burglary,” Terrence pointed out. “I’m not sitting here thinking he got what he deserved.”

He sustained a wound to his chest and a cut to his stomach, authorities said. Gray was taken to a hospital for his injuries and arrested for murder.

Pearson and two others were accused of stealing a video system and firearm from an apartment last year.  His co-defendant, Terrel Minnieweather, was convicted.

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