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Rich Gang: 10 Things Floyd Mayweather Spends His Money On [Photos]


If you haven’t heard by now, Floyd Mayweather is the World’s Highest Paid Athlete. Pretty Boy Floyd racked up $105 million in the last year alone, to top the Forbes’ 2014 list of  100 athletes making lots of bread.

Let’s be honest, Mayweather works hard on that undefeated record of his. Therefore, he deserves to reap the financial benefits. Also, it’s not like he lets us forget that he’s got money to burn (literally, here’s video of him setting money on fire).

When he’s not getting tax write-offs at the strip club,  disrespecting his ex, or getting caught up in Fatburger, Money Mayweather is living up to his nickname. We can’t be mad at a guy who keeps it  consistent at his day job, and he’s “just getting started” according to what he wrote on Instagram two weeks ago:

I spoke to God last night and I asked: “Is there a problem with how this lavish KING is living down here on earth?” and God said: “NO it was already predestined.”

Even if  that Manny Pacquiao fight never happens, Mayweather  isn’t going anywhere. He’s selling a lifestyle here.

Check out some of  the things he spends money on in the gallery below.

Photos: Instagram

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    H0es is all this Napoleon fool spends his money on. The cars, clothes, jewelry, planes, bottles exc is to impress these fake body h0es.

  • cee19776

    Betta enjoy it Floyd..karmas comin

  • Steve Stone

    Ghetto not so fabulous

  • can he help me pay for grad school or move some of my students out of shelters? would be greatly appreciated….