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Ice Cube Contemplating New “Friday” Movie


“I want to. But I don’t want to do it without Chris Tucker.”

When the first Friday appeared on the silver screen back in 1995, the response was immense and fans only wanted more from the likes of Chris Tucker and Ice Cube.

Tucker, however, did not reprise his role for the subsequent films and many feel that the series gradually declined.

Cube, fortunately, after speaking with Moviefone, stated that he would like to go a fourth round, but only with the help of Smokey.

“That’s what people want. I really want to give people what they want, especially doing it for a fourth time. We can’t just go through a movie without giving the people exactly what they want. I’ve been trying to convince Chris to do it. Just say “yeah,” it’s alright.”

Cube even gave a brief, hypothetical, synopsis for the project.

“… I see Smokey working at a rehab center. [laughs] Craig and Day-Day are probably selling weed by now, get busted, have to go rehab with Smokey, try to convince Smokey to smoke a joint. [laughs] That’d be pretty cool.”

Would anyone be willing to support the next Friday, probably titled Last Friday???  Does Chris Tucker still have it in him after hanging out with Jackie Chan for so long???

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    If Ice Cube was a real business man,he’d know “there ain’t no Friday without “Chris Tucker”.Friday without Chris is like Motown without “The Jackson’s”,It just wont be as good.
    I been wanted to tell “Cube”,”You need Chris”. If I was him I would give in to “Chris’s demands”,trust me when he see how much bank it brings in he’ll know what I mean.

  • ignacio

    i think it’s a good idea, i would see it the first day

  • Jenn

    oh please oh please . wanna see some more pinky and micro mini pimp ! America needs a good laugh!

  • Angie

    Please please chris i need something new to smoke to!! LoL

  • Jonathan

    i think Chris need to b in it he the funny person on the earth and Cub he need Chris It just what it is just break your self fule

  • Martin Powell

    I think that the only you way should do another friday is if you get all the characters that were in the first, second, and third friday to be in this last one. Only because it would be the last friday of the month…. If you could pull this off cube this would be a major move. gramy in the making.

  • CUBE! Pleeze do 1 more for us. Yea ima white boy but all my boys would watch it. I love all of em dawg. Day Day is my major homie to! make sure Epps is on board. Much love from north Alabama.

    Do 1 more for us CUBE! I dnt care if tucker wants to or not bro! You an Epps were genius in next Friday. You an day day much love.

  • vonderlyn

    what about (last friday of the month)

  • Antwon Terry

    man please cum out with another one please!!! i watched friday everyday since 1995 lol n i would pay 2 see last friday 7 times n a row if yah do it 😀

  • Luie

    Do it! Do It! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!
    I love Friday, Cube needs to make another one WITH Chris Tucker and Mike Epps. I and everyone i know would go see it

  • Quiwa

    Pleas please please do it I would love it it would be the best with smokey

  • Jhogg

    Ill pay to see if chris tucker is in 4th one

  • double a

    come on man! i was raised with the friday movies! i was 5 years old when i saw the first one and i havent stopped watching them. first sunday was good too! that s*** was bomb! bringing the original cast from the first addidng mike epps and the new cast members from the 2nd and 3rd, hell that’s one heck of a movie right there! i’d pay to see the s*** until it came out on DVD or BlueRay!!!

  • Gl

    please do it ice cube

  • Nocturnal69oboy

    Yes I would love 2c the Friday series end with smokey in it. I thought the title should be called ” Last Friday ” . I really hope Chris Tucker comes around and do this, I would go see it and buy it once it comes out. Tru die-hard ” friday’s fan ” . More power 4 Friday finale

  • Jessica Pedraza

    I think they should make it comon Chris Tucker!!!!!

  • Ttflem

    One thing to say put all three!

  • Gibbyscool

    He needs another movie IM literally watching the first Friday right now!

  • Dtray6289

    I hope chris tucker decides to play the role. We need closier from smokey at least. I know he doesn’t want the kids to see him in that light, but its just for laughs and who’s better then him to make that happen.

  • greg

    We wont a last friday – with chris, dayday, and ice it would be the number 1 movie for over the last pass 8 years
    Come on man it a friday that would bring you many movie ny rates go for it

  • george

    I think tuckers still got it nd it would be hella funny to wtch a 4th “Friday”!!!

  • ChrisMcevoy

    they should call it FF(stands for Final Friday)

  • they should call it the other friday. or this friday.. what ever it is will be nice me and my friends gone c it