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Rikers Island Prison Guard Fired For Spying On Lil Wayne, Files Lawsuit


A former prison guard at New York’s Rikers Island is out of a job today after being fired for reportedly spying on Lil Wayne.

Amelia Negron is filing a federal lawsuit against the city after she says she was forced to confess to spying on the Young Money head while he continues to serve his 12 month sentence at the facility.

Negron was dismissed from the prison after Rikers officials say she purposely walked into a room where Lil Wayne was being held to sneak a peek at the celebrity.

While she admits to entering the room, the former guard says she was just trying to speak to one of her colleagues.

She tells the New York Daily News that she was asked to leave the celeb’s presence immediately after walking in.

“The door to the area was unlocked, and so I went in to say hello, and that officer said, ‘Hey, you can’t be here. We’ve got a celeb here.’ I said, ‘Okay, no problem,’ turned around and left,”

She then tells the NYDN that one of her superiors offered to “take care of things” if she just admitted that she wanted a chance to see Weezy, so she lied and confessed.

She was fired shortly after on April 19 for “missing too many days of work.”

Rikers Island officials have been quoted saying that her firing was “entirely appropriate.”

She’s suing for harassment and discrimination.

“We’ve got a celeb in here”?


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  • RedboneKillBill

    Um now being a prison guard she should no not to confess to something she didn’t do… but for the other guard to be like we have a celeb in here?…They might as well release him if they feel like that-goodness.

  • Moon Rivers

    First of all “who the hell is lil wayne?” He is a celeb? SO WHAT?! That does not make him GOD. He is a human being plain and simple! So what cause he choose to be in the entertainment industry he gets special treatment? What the hell is the world coming too? I can see him being kept away from the general population because of violence but the guards?! This is laughable.

    I say they need to get a life and let the man do his time so he can get out. I for one do not like LiL Wayne, neva have but I feel this way about any celebrity. What a joke!

  • jojo

    What kind of officer refers to an inmate as a celeb?

  • tasteT

    PLEASE, she knew what she was doing!! they have certain guards assigned to high profile inmates.

    They are gonna eat her alive, WATCH! I hope she has not slpt w/any inmates or carried on an affair cause its all about to come out.

    SHE KNEW Weezy was in there. come on now!

    damn desperate.

  • Portia

    this shows that money plays a mojor role if u dont have any penny noone cares coz lil wayne have money they call him a celeb he is a rapper not celeb

    • Matt


  • Special

    That is not the WHOLE TRUTH….GROUPIE OR NOT….YOU SHOULD BE ON YOUR POST…Not hoping to get a peek at…A ALIEN!

  • mochamami

    You gotta be kiddin’ me? I’m a CO on Rikers Island and most of them COs d*** ride regular dudes so its no surprise that they would do the same thing w/UGMO (Lil’ Wayne)! She had to be doing somethin’ more than just tryin’ to peek @ homie, though…


    Damm he look like “Spike” from the “gremlins”,she said she went in there hopeing he’d look at her so she can become pregnant like the other 999 chicks.

  • Fired for getting a peek at Lil Wayne? Something else was going on. And coincidentally, she was fired for “missing too many days?” That sounds like an excuse or cop-out!

  • dangirl

    now ain’t that about a b**ch,she lose her job behind something so stupid.first off that’s a jail regardless of who is there.so what if she wanted a peek.he’s in jail.it’s bad enough that he’s not in GPop,she work there she should have been able to look or as she satetd go and say hello to her friend.that jail ought to be ashamed of themselves to put an inmates best interest in front of their own employee.matter of fact the state should be ashamed they’ve made it cool to go to jail if your a celeb.you won’t have to thug it out,like the common folk.what-a-waste.since it’s deep like that LIL’WAYNE GET HER JOB BACK….

  • I don’t think that was a good enough reason to be fired. There must be something hidden with this story. This is MADNESS!

  • johnb9 girl

    that the spy for missinfor on hot97? but it’s more to the story.

  • Sbabyface

    So the F*** what, B! Go get unemployment. You mean to tell me you liked working in that dangerous hell hole? File a claim against your employer at unemployment office & take some courses so you can get a better J O B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • karla

    She won’t be the last… it’s WEEZY BABY!

  • Pfft

    It’s amazing that so many losers have opinions about how people should act in these situations when none of you have ever been in a situation like this. I guess there is some etiquette for guards who go through unlocked doors when rappers are inside in jail…shut up. You losers have opinions about everything which makes me think all of your comments probably say more about you than they do anyone else. get a freaking life!

    • nel stall

      so what she wanted to look at the man not a crime n i dont see where he got speical treatment