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Members of Kappa Alpha Psi Suspended For Hazing Student, Causing Kidney Failure [Video]


Members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity at Wayne State University have been suspended now that a young man has come forward claiming that he was beaten so severely his urine turned red and he was hospitalized for two weeks from kidney failure.

The University’s chapter has been suspended indefinitely now that 21-year-old Eric Walker is speaking out saying that he was beaten for weeks by members of the fraternity at an off campus location.

He describes what happened to him to FOX News Detroit saying,

“They would hit me all over. They would have me recite information I’d learned about history or whatever, and see how I responded under pressure by hitting me with thick paddles and slamming my body with their hands.”

He says the last straw however came March 1 when members of the organization from different schools around the state came to a house and beat him.

Walker claims he was paddled and hit so hard in the chest and back that he turned purple and his urine was red.

He also says he was made to eat dog food.

“They told me to stand up straight, and they would be hitting me in my chest or my back. Often, I would be getting hit from behind with a paddle and then hit on my back at the same time.”

Following that beating he was hospitalized for two weeks after suffering kidney failure.

He has since transferred schools.

Check out Walker speaking out to FOX News Detroit below.


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  • Qbaby

    It’s a Kappa thing. Same ish going on all over the nation!

    • Herman H. Jones

      Brothers who don’t know how to acquire the unique status as successful Black Kappa men are obviously seeking attention. They are not worthy of this distinction and should look elsewhere for attention since they know of no other way to be achievers. This is a sad state of affairs that not only leaves scars on Black Greeks in general but Black men everywhere. I trust that these young men will be permanently barred from becoming a member of Kappa Alpha Psi (or any other greek fraternity for that matter) and punished as criminals to the full extent of law.

  • KJ

    I’m greek and this is not out of the ordinary. People know what they’re getting themselves into before they pledge. If u can’t take the heat don’t join.

    • Collinsmmichael0355

      what I don’t understand is why don’t they just join a gang at, least you get to hit back to prove your worthey. These college guys must be weak and when they were kids someone was taking their lunch money.

    • Christianbarrister1

      You are a dummy.

  • nicky

    another form of a gang being jumped to get in smdh

  • Seriously?

    Did you REALLY take to the comment section to quote Invictus? How about you get your cane flippin, letter “K” misusin fraternity brothers to get your ORG in order. Out of ALL D9, Kappa has been on THE MOST trouble PUBICALLY for the last 12 months! Not to mention some of the crap you all have pulled over the years! Plain embarrassing!

    We NEED a resolution and a SOLUTION! Not more useless poems serving ONLY as a memorization tool for you to further BEAT the crap out of your OWN scrollers!

  • RedboneKillBill

    Wow. Pledging should never be about violence. WTF is wrong with these grown a– men?

  • Jade

    Frats haze..so do sororities. I’m a member of a black greek organization and pledges have been beaten severely for nearly a century. My father pledged in the 1960s and tells a story very similar to the young man in this story…the difference is that he stuck it out and didn’t snitch. There were others on his line who couldn’t take it and dropped gracefully without bringing the whole chapter down with them. Right or wrong, the physical aspects of hazing are deeply embedded in the culture and heritage of black greek organizations and people should do their research and know what they’re getting into before they decide to pledge.

  • Howard Studnent

    I go 2 howard obviously, but this stuff i just dont understand how anyone can go through that. Idk but i guess fraternities and soroties have changed. Honestly i see no honor, only social status. There’s hazing for everything. I hate that black organizations are portrayed like this. And Wayne State University saying they dont condone that type of behavior is a joke, they wat really goes down, no one cares enough to change it, and that goes for Howard to. I hate that had to happen to that young man. If anyone wants to network. Use Jesus as an agent, he’ll put you in the path of people you need to know.

    • Dani

      baby that has to be the besst thing ive heard all day, thats right!! talking bout networking this and networking that,, you dont need a sorority/frat to be well and able to do that!!

  • truthhurts

    Why would the boy continue wth this abuse he’s a grown azz man and stayed and went bck after the first incident that should of been enough…

  • Sharise

    i believe hazing should not be involve at all in a organization, i honestly think its b.s. but i do believe in maybe some kind of embarrassment but dont touch them in a harmful way. i thought about being in a sorority but i refuse to believe in order to be part of the “sister hood” i have to be beating

  • Funtastic

    They behaved like gang members jumping someone into the gang- street thugs. These are college students and this is the best they could come up with. This is truly a disgrace to fraternities and black male college students.

  • como

    It’s funny how we as blacks always beat and degrade each other. This happens while pledging and in everyday life. I’m a member of a fraternity and never was much into hazing. I got hazed but not to the extent of this young man. Beating doesn’t make a good fraternity or sorority member. It’s funny because I’m employed with a fortune 500 company and make good money that allows me to enjoy life and I’m a member of a fraternity that I work for. It would seem that if I were going to get hazed, it would be from the company that employs me because they actually do something for me. I work for the fraternity and it doesn’t do anything for me. It’s funny because I wonder would a fraternity or sorority member go and hit a person on the street. Probably not. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be in the fraternity but what needs to be realized is that everything changes. I got whooped as a kid and that would be considered child abuse today. You can’t animals, children, or adults these days without possibly catching a case. Why would you want to risk getting a record pledging someone. I found messing with a prospects mind was the best form of pledging. Beating is easy and requires no thought but messing with someones mind, requires a level of intelligence that many don’t have.

  • ME

    The hell with a sorority and a fratenity. You call yourselves brothers and sisters and then to get into your (group) you beat the hell out of eachother. I told my daughters YOU WILL NEVER PLEDGE because the day you try and they put their hands on you, I’m coming for every last one of them and their momma will definately have to wear BLACK…get the hell out of here with this pledging Shyte, just a bunch of NOBODY’s trying to belong…

  • Poison Ivy 08

    This is horrible. It should never come to this point. I am a member of D9 and this surprises me. Extreme Physical violence should never be an aspect of hazing. The Kappas were suspended from my school for like 2 years for something like this. Criminal charges were pressed too.

  • SoUl SiStEr

    I’m a black greek… However, I am currently suspended 4 being hazed and not coming forward. Ironically, the same older sorors that suspended my chapter are the same ones you can catch bragging about their “process” in the 70s, which is now banned. The only way you can get rid of hazing is to counter it with another force. Grad’ advisors and other sorors who are against hazing need 2 embrace newbies more, so when that “big sister” comes up 2 you and offers the “process”…they can feel alright about choosing a different route.

  • Dougie Fresh

    This is outrageous, they should spend more time teaching the history of the fraternity, instead of beating them senseless

  • Kellyann

    If ur reciting invict..u’ve pledged!!!

  • Star

    i hate when ppl talk things they do not know…. there’s much more to pledging than hazing and such, if you are a made member you would understand the rite of passage. Please do not sit and judge fraternities/sororities if you are on the other side. as far as the young man who transferred schools, it was only right you did so; if you could not endure what you signed up for why ruin it for everyone else? suspended or not TRADITION WILL STILL GO ON! that is all

    • DJ

      I am Greek and some of the responses from other Greeks are just plain disgusting and leave a bad taste in mouth. Tradition??? Why ruin it for others??? Are you freaking serious? This shat needs to stop.

    • DSTDiva99

      So if he died I guess they should all walk free and not be brought up on involuntary manslaughter charges???? Get the F out of here. Beating to the point of kidney failure is OVERBOARD. I am a member and I got a few lashings here and there, my process was way more about mental toughness than anything else. It made me a stronger woman. I am still very active in DST and my community. I didn’t have to nearly lose my life to reach this outcome. 11 years strong wearing my letters proud, this behavior is a disgrace to us all.

    • Collinsmichael0355

      if it was much more to hazing than what is being explained in these personel statments then why do you have to beat someone into submission. I am a member of a Frat but, peolpe that are in the organization don’t understand what their doing. This is a problem when this is costing our organization money we can feed countries on what we pay in civil suits. So when you sit up and speak of tradition going on one day you will wake up and it want be no BGOs because of TRADITION.

  • starr79

    Its a shame that this young man paid for them to treat him this way. After the first beating he should have decided if he wanted to continue to endure such torture. But if that’s what it takes for ppl to be called ur brother its a shame. I hope this is a lesson for everyone who thinks of pledging!

  • This is what gives Black Greek organizations a bad name! Another Greek sorority went through something like this a few years back. Senseless.

  • demitasse

    Sometimes I’m ashamed to be black. What is it with us and the misuse of power and the need to beat people’s a***?

    • Kappavelli

      The pledging process itself can be a very useful tool! Just like the military pledges every recruit and back in the day they use to physically abuse the recruits. They use a brainwash tactic to breakdown every recruit and then build them back up slowly. So the genesis of pledging definitely had it’s purpose. I believe now however, that purpose has gotten lost. I agree with those posters that say if pledging became above ground much more controls could be put in place.

      All of you non-greeks would never understand this mentality but just like not everyone joins the army not everyone should join a greek organization. Which is exactly why these organizations have the mystique they have today. Just like the old saying goes if it were easy everyone would do it.

      But I digress again, us alumni should stay in contact with our undergrad organizations to help monitor this process. I look at it as an obligation opposed to work. No matter what the masses say I for one know that both the Army and my frat have shaped me into the man I am today and I return that favor on a daily!!!

    • Kappavelli

      I concur w/Jermaine!!! They have no clue but speak as if they do.

  • This is Bulls***!

    It appears the ignorant comments of the acceptance of abuse are made by greeks. If this is about brotherhood or sisterhood, physical abuse shouldnt be apart of it, we have enough issues in the black race! Anybody who thinks this is okay is clearly brain washed and lacks self worth.

  • Prettychicke

    hazing has no place in pledging.

  • WHATEVA!!!


  • rudeashell.com

    If you have not crossed any sands, then you don’t understand it. The violence, true indeed, has increased. Not just in BGLO processes, but also in our society. I’ve heard sorors say they wanna get our line because someone got THEIR line. To me this is rediculous. The purpose is to create solidarity amongst the line, strengthen the bond within the line, and to ensure that no matter what you face in life that you’ll be stronger than your opponent. I don’t agree with it, never have. BUT, having gone through it, I understand it. There are certain traditions and what not but NOBODY should end up in the ER. Everybody keeps saying gangs and jump ins. Its not the same, and again, if you haven’t crossed you don’t understand. That’s a bird’s eye view. I think the old heads need to sit the younger generation down and explain to them that losing letters and nationally blemishing the heritage and legacy of your organization is too high a cost to be a pledge down.

  • como

    I agree with my fellow Divine 9 members. I pledged hard but it has gotten out of control. Some people are calling this guy a snitch and that’s is insane. This same thing just went down with Alphas at Fort Valley and now this. I agree, there’s a purpose to pledging and it’s not supposed to be easy. Because it’s not easy, most appreciate it more once you cross. I’m not understanding someone beating on you and you almost losing your life and you’re not supposed to tell someone. Someone possibly messes you up for the rest of your life and you’re not supposed to tell? That’s some dumb a** Shyte. I hope the brothers who did this get some major jail time. I hate to see young black men in jail but until some major punishment is given, this will continue. To my fellow Divine 9 members and my dawgs. Is pledging someone worth possibly seriously injuring someone, killing them, and getting a criminal record. Owt.

  • WOW

    Well spoken WHATEVA…

  • DeltaDiva99

    Just a disgrace and to think some of you supposedly went to “college’ . I wonder if you just pledged or you actually graduated and made something of yourselves????

    I wonder how you would feel if your son or daughter was nearly beat to DEATH, I wonder if you would still consider it snitching??? Better yet what if he actually died, I guess it shouldnt be considered murder either huh????

    I’m sure the founders are turning over in their graves at this type of behavior. SIMPLY IGNORANT

  • DeltaDiva99

    I see we can tell who really went to school to get an education and who didnt?????????

  • ladyluckdc

    Sadly most of the people who believe in this process are merely members of society today. They probably do nothing worthwhile for the fraternity. I wonder what the graduation rate is? I wonder if they are still active today, and if they really give back to the community? Mental pain is far worse than physical pain but most of these idiots would never understand this concept.

  • Genoveve97

    He’s lying! We all know Kappas are gay and cant really hit that hard. Girl, please!

  • YO757

    SMH..nothing worst than a snitch. He knew what it was when he signed up. As an active Greek who went through the process solo, this really pisses me off. If he wasn’t feeling it, why didnt he drop line after the first set. He couldnt cut it, so he decided to snitch and bring the whole chapter down. Thats like you selling drugs and when you get caught, telling on others who sell drugs. Its illegal, to participate in hazing, whether victim or the person doing the pledging. He knew this going in and chose to endure. And that is the definition of a snitch. This may sound ignorant to some, but he wasnt going through anything, the people before him didnt go through. No respect

  • Roe ski Love

    I was asked to pledge a long time ago and told those idiotts to take a hike. I saw what they did in the name of Fraternity and found it to be offensive. Let’s get one thing straight, you are not my friend or brother if you try to inflict bodily harm on me. Fraternities and secret societies have no place in a spiritual persons life. It keeps you from your true calling in life and does nothing but breed deception personifies false friendships.

  • Kappavelli

    I can’t believe my man cited Invictus on this site!!!

    But non-the-less, I would like to take this time to educate a few of you who are blogging without knowledge. Yes I’m a NUPE and I don’t believe in physical abuse that often times get carried out of hand but having said that I do believe everyone has a choice. The choice this Man made was his and his alone unlike a child he had a choice and he made a choice to stay for 32 days. No tears here for the eternal one!!!

    The education comes here, Stop saying that Black Greek organizations are out of hand it’s happens in White fraternities and Sororities as well for example, http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2009-03-22/the-new-animal-house/ or http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5012154 you get the picture.

    I have one issue with this Man that chose to pledge Kappa Alpha Psi and that is why cry now? Obviously something else happened outside of the physical hazing that makes him want to speak out now. I’m sure in those 32 days this wasn’t the first time something of that magnitude happened.

    Before you all get up in arms read my first paragraph where I said I’m against physical hazing. But I’m also against disloyal folks so I for one am glad he didn’t make it in my bond!!!

  • Pretty Boy

    I am a member of this grand fraternity and I really hate that this has happen. I am heartbroken that this young man has almost lost his life. I am also heartbroken that the mother has to struggle to pay medical bills that could have been avoided by first her son and the gentlemen that are the culprits. I hope that the mother wins her lawsuit against the individuals involved. Our founders did not create such a grand fraternity for fools to bring it down. The cowards should come forward and face the charges.

    • T.

      This is yet another WAKE UP CALL!!! You can’t sue the organizations because they say specifically hazing is not allowed. The brothers who participated are on ther own. The brothers who are guilty should be/will be punished. Mr. E. Walkers’ medical bills will be taken care of, not by the organization, but by the perpetrators. Which is as it should be. PEACE

  • Romaro

    It really upsets me that this new generation of people who cannot take the idea of hazing and pledging for what its worth, that is why so many of these organizations are meaningless because people just want to signup and not work for it. I pledged when I was in college, went through some hard times, but I stayed with it because I knew what I was getting into when I did it. You may call it a gang but it isnt, the purpose is to build up your love for your brothers and the organization and to ensure you put it first.
    Now we have these young men whose parents probably never touched them with a paddle and gave them everything who cant take a little pain. Now, i am not condoning beating someone to near death, but a little pledging does not hurt anyone!

  • Ringold

    This type of pledging has gone on all the time. I went through the same thing as this brother but hung in there . Not pleding with him , I do not know how frequently he got hazed, but hazing was a part of the program .The problem with this is that appears this school did not have an “organized pledge program.” An organize pledge program would have a strong “Dean of Pledgees” with a week to week plan on what the pledgees will be doing to become educated members of the frat. This may include some hazing , with a lot of studying , and step practice. The pledge was to be prepared for his probate show at the end of his pledge period. At that time he is ready to be initiated. It appears this chapter claim to fame is its hazing program instead of its pledge program. Nevertheless, the “Dean of Pledgees” are there to assist and help pledgees learn about the frat and to assist in ensuring the pledgees safety if things got too far out of hand with the Brothers. All Brothers would give the “Dean of Pledgees” deference and respect when it comes to the pledgees. THEY DO WHAT THE DEAN OF PLEDGEES SAY DO AND/OR DON’T DO. When it comes to Brothers arriving to the host chapter to see pledgees, they comply with the host chapter Dean of Pledgees and Brothers. If they do not, then it is on between al of us. It appears the Dean of Pledgess at this school was either weak, ignorant, and/or easily manipulated to do the wrong thing without a pledge program. It appears they had a “helter skelter” hazing program. WHAT FUN CAN COME OUT OF THAT. When do the pledgees get to interact with the Borthers on a brotherly level throughout the pledge program. A pledege program need to be wholistic with not one area (i.e., hazing, stepping, studying, etc) more than the other. If anything, emphasis should be given to pledgees and Brothers getting to know each other personally not just seeing how much pain another pledgee can take. Yes, there is such thing as “organize chaos” win a pledge program, that can achieve the same objective , which does not mean just beating someone. I guarantee many of the brothers hazing was not even hazed themselves. I had members at my chapter involved in a similar hazing incident wherein our national headquarters changed the name of our chapter. You know the “old school” Brothers were “ticked” . Therefore, it is incumbent upon, the alumni Brotheres of this chapter to get involved in changing thing for the better at this school so that such incidents like this never occur at this school involving Kappa Alpha Psi. I am more than confident many of these Brothers are getting a toungue lashing from their chapter alumni’s about this matter.

  • donna




  • ldequanw

    I traveled the rough, rugged road a couple of years ago, and I just don’t understand how this guy can put himself in that predicament. Yet, alone his DP not look out for him when it seems that something was really wrong with the kid. Also, pledging is a choice (hell, I will go as far as to say its a privileged). I do wish this didn’t shine a bad light on the Bond, but Mr. Walker should have been man enough to relate to his LB’s along w/ members pledging him how his body was failing him (after s***, though).

  • haaaa

    no way in h3ll id go thru all of that to join one of those weak a$$ frats. I can get pu$$y on my own.

  • CJ

    For anybody that wants to pledge i have two words: alumnae chapter.

    They don’t play that crap in the alumnae chapter and you can still go around shouting ooo-oop and eeee-yip after its all said and done.

  • Time for the fraternity to hit the dust and charged with assault. I feel bad for the victim, but college is about education and connecting, not being beaten up. Remember that next time.

  • Me

    I am a made member of a black greek lettered organization and I agree with the comment that one should not comment on what they do not know. While I do agree that hazing can be taken too far and there should never be a time when someone is abused to the point that they die or live a normal life. On the other hand, the letters that one wears as a member of a BGLO should not just be “purchased” or given because one goes through an intake process. One should have to earn the right to wear the letters that the founders of such organizations fought for and courageously established. Clearly the member of DST that went through a “pledge” process never went through anything but the sorority’s two week intake process. At the end of the day…one should not comment on what they have no knowledge of because you cannot truly know and understand what a pledge process is until you have been a part of one.

  • The Colonel

    Having been a member of the Fraternity for nearly 60 years, I am appalled with the criminality of the situation on campuses around the county. I was made in a single word chapter that was immediately suspended from the campus because one of the line members showed up at the dispensary with a split behind. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to discover that the chapter was in the wrong. Now in my senior years, I suffer with kidney failure and must dialyze five times a week to remain healthy. Having to canulate (stick) yourself with huge dialysis needles five times weekly is no fun. For the young man who is the vistim of the assault, it could be a death sentence if his yyoung kidneys do not respond to the treatment he is receiving. Stop the assaults of educated men & women who wish to members of these grand organizations. The noble founders who attended IU nearly 100 years ago would not accept this type of behaviour especially in the 21st Century.

  • Hard Pledged-DW-DOG 6

    This will be somewhat short and sweet, because I could write a book on what is involved, but most non-greek people will never understand and will simply throw it off.
    Some Greeks will not agree and those will be the ones who Skated, recently pledged, or scream out, “I wouldn’t take that because they slipped through it by other means”.

    First off, Sorry for the condition of the young man.

    I pledged Damn Hard in the 70’s, everyday for 7 months. This is the way I was brought in and its the way I believe you should get in. I have stories that will scare you to death. This is Real Talk.

    My ships and I went through Hell and came out united, strong, and Men. It was physical, emotional, spiritual, and those who it proved too much for, had to acknowledged the fact, and accept they did not possess what was required to become a part.

    The severity of the pledging through this day helps us overcome many battles that arise from life and helps us guide our young men along the way. It instilled a brotherhood and a bond that will last to the day we die.

    All my ships are successful in what they do.

    I’m a Kappa Man but more Importantly I am a NUPE and all NUPES know what that means.

    I hate that as this world becomes more sensitive, weak and so called politically correct that we will have the propensity to become soft to the point of impotency in everything we strive to achieve.

    The breakdown of the family structure is due to weak-a** men who choose the Easiest Way Out, mirroring the ones who can’t slip in to something and then want to whine about it.

    It’s not for everyone. It’s my thing and if you want in. Do what it takes and take what it gives or go somewhere else.

    The Bible says spare the rod and spoil the child. I say spare the pledging and spoil the Man you could be.

    Many are Called and Few are Chosen

    One of the Chosen Few


    P.S. Any negative responses will be understood by the ones who initiate them as soon as they look in the mirror and view the source.


  • Getwarm

    I am a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc, crossed the sands in 1994 and I went thru a process just like everyone else but nothing as blatantly ignorant as what this young man went through. We as Greeks owe it to our organizations and each other to show these young kids that it’s about more than paddles and physical torture

  • Mimi

    Am I the only person who felt that Greek organizations were a bit cult-ish?

  • Renaissance Woman

    The exact same thing happened to my brother at TSU. He shared some unGodly things that went on back then…and all to become part of a fraternity that is supposed to stand for achievement. The year I rejected a AKA soror’s invitation to pledge, a girl was kicked down 2 flights of stairs which resulted in a broken arm. I don’t understand. Is this a power thing or what? What is so grand about becoming Greek? I say “tolerance” is the name of the game.

    • Lulu sunshine

      Wowwww, i’m pretty sure I know exactly what chapter and school you’re talking about.

  • EightiesQUE

    Newsflash: Pledging old school is over with. It’s 2010. Half of ya’ll don’t know what your doing anyway and the potential pledgees are not built, mentally and/or physically, for a truly rigorous program.

    One mistake and promising futures are put a risk and our people lose even further. It’s not worth the risk to even try to pledge someone in an old school manner. It’s time to grow up and adapt my fellow black ‘greeks”.

  • my2cents

    This is a clear case of plantation! I’m glad I never got on the plantation, oh I mean joined. Breaking the black men in like their a horse.. sounds like Willie Lynch wrote their joining requirements….

  • David

    Now I am a college sophomore, and I have planned for years on pledging Phi Beta Sigma. I have to say, this hazing process does kind of bother me – I can take push-ups, I don’t mind running errands, and loss of sleep is no big deal; but I REFUSE to be beaten. I can handle the rest of the process – I just don’t want to end up in the hospital or dead…….that would make pledging kind of pointless, you know? My sister is Zeta Phi Beta and has been for 10 years, so I have already been schooled on exactly what goes on. I was just hoping that between then and now something changed.

  • lolinatyou


    I’m thinking about pledging Kappa, I totally agree with you. I don’t care about those things, like doing things, or staying up, but I don’t want to go around with bruises and scars or a red butt because of this. But so far I haven’t heard bad things about the BGLOs where I’m planning, the worst i’ve heard is the Omegas carry their line around on leashes.

  • Jeff

    Wood is good!

  • Peewee The Kappa

    Obviously, the young men who participated in those events are not Brothers of the Grand Fraternity. If they were , they would have conducted themselves in a manner as prescribed by the International organization. For specific information, please feel free to visit our website: KappaAlphaPsi1911.com. Those who aspire to Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavor follow and have have followed our leadership since January 5, 1911.


    Peewee The Kappa
    Initiated: March 13, 1987 10:55 pm
    Episilon Kappa Chapter
    (Elder’s Kingdom)
    California State University, Long Beach

  • Robert

    While I couldn’t afford to go to college, my son is now a freshman. He recently joined a frat. Stories like this scared the hell out of me as a father. I’m not sending my son to college just for fun. While I know college is supposed to be fun, you are there to learn. Beating a young man or woman to prove worth shows these folks have apperently never taken a history course. And, from the looks of it many of them failed english as well… Is this what is happening to the education and future of our next generation? It’s more important to live through a beating to join a club then to actually learn something and become a productive member of our society?

  • future nupe

    I do want to be apart of kappa alpha psi…and yes i do think that there should be hazing but not to this extent. Its terrible what happened to this young man. All he wanted was to be a member, but instead he almost lost his life. Everyone can say that pledging is wrong and is pointless, but the experiance is life changing. It shouldnt be taken this far though. And for all the people who talk bad about these organizations, you obviously have no clue what your talking about. Despite the negativity they draw to themselves, they do a lot for their communities. And without kappa alpha psi, i would probably still be in school making the horrible grades i made and fighting every person who dared to look in my direction. I thank the Nupes who believed in me and showed me a better way. And one day i hope to become a Nupe and help others struggling like i was.

    • Musicmusici

      I feel same way bro*

  • james

    Im a kappa and I kinda went through the same thang but I was never beat on like that I was kind of bigger and buffer than most so they kinda really left me alone

  • Don

    Where was his LBs? You and your LBs have to stick together & fight back if you must….

  • Greek Man

    Wake up Kappas, hazing is a criminal act and unacceptable. This is why your chapter at Georgia State University was permanently suspended (2010). If colleges start permanently banning greek organization that do this, the hazing would stop in a nano second.