27 African Countries Hold Conference To Ban Female Circumcision


The lawmakers in 27 African countries have gathered in Dakar for a two-day conference to discuss a ban on female circumcision.

The practice of female circumcision, which is genital mutilation of the female’s clitoris and/or labia, is performed in over 28 countries and reportedly affects more than 140 million women in Africa and the Middle East.

The World Health Organization states that the practice not only leads to infections and urinary tract problems, but it also increases risk during child birth, causing many women to die due to hemorrhaging.

Often carried out for deep-seated religious or cultural reasons, it is reported that in Africa, around 91 million girls aged nine and under have undergone the practice, with three million operated on each year.

Although it is widely practiced in Africa, many European countries are starting to see an influx in practice, due to the migration of African immigrants.  A migration that now enables the western world to play a part in the ceasing of the practice, according to the African Union’s envoy Yetunda Teriba.

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“Migrants have exported the practice,” Teriba states. “Although most of the victims are in Africa, the problem is growing in Europe among migrant and refugee communities.”

Although lawmakers are fighting hard to abolish the practice, Senegal’s parliament speaker Mamadou Seck states that the key to fighting genital mutilation is “education and persuasion, to convince but not coerce.”

Senegal is one of 19 African countries that have banned the practice and its Families Minister Ndeye Khady Diop said a nationwide campaign between 2000 and 2005 managed to reduce the number of mutilations by over 70 percent.

Diop is hoping that the efforts planned for a second campaign in Dakar will eliminate the practice completely by 2015.

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  • m

    OMG this is so disgusting . The poor lil girl is scared out of her mind looks like she peed on herself. May God help them . I hope they ban this disgusting act on these poor innocent girls. Sick bastards !

  • Yerr

    This always traumatized me when I was a youth. We did a study in high school back when. That picture of the lil baby girl is so disturbing. WTF is wrong with men in this culture that think this is beneficial. You all will burn in hell!

  • cw

    I’m sorry but the entire continent of Africa needs to be put under water..they are the most barbaric people on this planet and i have no deisre to visit their ridiculous country….death to them all except the women and children…it’s the men that all deserve to die…i can’t stand Africans.

    • Ame

      Its a shame that in this jet age someone from a civilised, ‘non-barbaric’ country as he calls it would undermine another culture and country. Who is inviting you to Africa anyway? I accept that the practice should be abolished because of its harmful effect on the girl-child and woman and especially since without it they can live a healthy life, but it is a shame that there are some practices in your so called civilised country that no one has disrespected. What we call for now is for people to create an awareness and let these stakeholders know that the practice is harmful to women although good for the men as it has its advantages which are not medically related. Please it is absolutely wrong to demean another persons values and culture.

  • Ivy_ Bound

    @ cw… I’m not understanding how you can make such a comment n think its acceptable. Its pure ignorance. Obviously you need to educated in what the word barbaric means in relation to female “genital mutilation”. *side note* AFRICA IS NOT A COUNTRY!!!!!!! As an African, I am not going to say much snout this because I know this practice which is tradition n custom is not going to change because the leaders at these ban conferences neglect to include the people that are actually practicing these act in many of these countries. They forget that many of these people are uneducated and their messages are not reaching to them.
    Also I find it sad that because a practice is different from what the western world is used to, it is called “mutilation”. This practice has been a timeless tradition in many societies for centuries, you cant just brand it as negative when you do not understand the value and impact it has on the people.
    Lastly, Do you think these people mean to do harm to their children. They are not being educated about the negative aspects of the practice. I think the approach should include helping to educate the populations practicing and also try to make the practice safe without abolishing it. With this in mind, the procedure needs to be done in a hospital setting and uncontaminated environment by licensed professionals who can make sure that these young women do not acquire infectious diseases thereafter. Also people need to keep in mind that just because you do not understand a cultural difference does not mean that you need to devalue what they are doing because there are many practices done in the western world that are strange to us, yet we dont go on a campaign to devalue it.


  • david

    Rather than condemn these people we need as the article says to educate and convince. We need to renew the thinking of those who are involved. We also need to support those who wish to end this practice. Question: Is male circumcision any different? It was common practice in the UK until it was dropped from the NHS.