Diddy Unveils New Blog… Makes Major Announcements & Talks Nicki Minaj [Video]


Bad Boy Mogul and Dirty money artist, Diddy has released a preview to inspire fans with his new blog.

The blog,, is aimed at providing inspiration to young people all over the world, according to Diddy via Twitter:

“Check out the trailer preview to the most positive inspirational BLOG in THE WORLD!!!!”

In addition to debuting the trailer to his new blog, Diddy also hopped on UStream to talk to fans and drop news regarding what’s happening in the world of Bad Boy and also announce the new release date of the Dirty Money album Last Train to Paris.

Peep The Video After The Jump!!! [More]

“I just signed Red Café, but there are some more announcements I am getting ready to make. Be sure to tune into the press conference.” Diddy said on his Ustream, “Big announcement in the world of fashion. Also be sure to cop that Last Train to Paris on June 28th, it’s not the 22nd any more it’s now the 28th, the day after the BET Awards.”

In addition to Diddy making announcements, he was with “The Supreme Team” –Fabolous and Red Café answering questions and calling fellow celebrities, including Nicki Minaj.

“I am on her ready to step on these Beyotches, yo.” Nicki said, “But on the real I am looking forward to seeing the video for “Hello, Goodmorning.’”

Diddy did take time to dispel rumors regarding the recent management announcements:

“Don’t believe what ya’ll heard, me and Nicki are just cool and Rick Ross is my brother, so don’t believe the management rumors.” Diddy said, “There are no official announcements regarding any management, so don’t believe it. I do have some major announcements coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned.”

Rumors… didn’t The Boss confirm that.

Rick Ross Confirms Diddy As New Manager

Well anyway, peep Diddy’s Ustream broadcast below:

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  • lovelybubbly

    Diddy is not my favorite person but I do applaud his hustle he knows how to stay relevant. You will never wonder “what ever happen to Diddy” he has found ways to stay in the game. As for him and Nikki Minaji no relationship just friends with benefits.

  • Jay

    Bad Boy is a black hole

  • Southern Girl

    Diddy is cool for a friend but there is no way I would do business with him because he seems to be the only one who walks away with paper. It seems like he is pimping his artist for his personal game. For alot of people this is something that they worked for all there lives and to have someone destroy your dream to fulfilled theirs is wrong on so many levels to me.

  • juliemango

    I look forward to readin DiddyBlog!!!

  • eshabay nyc

    Diddy please dont colllab with Micki she is mad wack….!! she is mad fake sign a tru hip hop artist…