Bernadette Giacomazzo

Party Ain’t Over: The Top 15 G-Unit Moments Of All Time


1. The Reunion

Hell froze over. Pigs flew. The Devil had a snowball fight. The moon is made of green cheese. Monkeys have flown out of our butts. Yes, at this year’s Summer Jam in NYC, the seemingly-impossible happened: G-Unit — minus The Game, but plus Kidd Kidd — reunited…and nothing was ever the same again. All of the previous trash-talk — 50 Cent is old, irrelevant, played out, and so forth — was rendered null and void the second Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Kidd Kidd, and of course 50 Cent took the stage. If that isn’t a testament to G-Unit’s greatness, nothing, indeed, is.


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