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Twitter Reacts To Zendaya Coleman Playing Aaliyah Role [Photos]


It was confirmed today that Disney star and singer Zendaya Coleman will be playing the character of the late Aaliyah in an upcoming biopic called, Aaliyah Princess of R&B.

The film adaptation draws from the book Aaliyah: More Than A Woman by former Time magazine editor Christopher Farley, and is scheduled to air on Lifetime later this year.

After snagging the coveted role, Coleman, 17, is prepping to portray Aaliyah and her climb to stardom, up until the 22-year-old’s death, circa 2001.

As expected, when the news hit the Internet, Twitterverse reacted with mixed reviews. The teen actress received both backlash and praise from a stream of fans and critics alike. There’s even a newly launched petition aimed at halting the film altogether. Allegedly, Aaliyah’s parents and loved ones are against it.

Some are funny, some are nuetral and others are just plain ether. Peep the reactions by thumbing through the following pages. Let us know what you think in the comments. Our favorite is the one about Drake

Photos: Twitter

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  • Queen Ariyah

    there is also a petition to get rid of zendaya as aaliyah and replace her with Lolita Price. Lolita shouldve got it because she looks exactly like her

    • YeaIsaidIT

      hmmm….Lolita Price looks like a “special” version of Aaliyah…really, the acting is more important than anything cuz anyone can get a long weave, swoop with shades. I REALLY wish people would stop wasting time creating petitions for petty ish-then they wonder why people don’t care what the “public” has to say

      • Js

        What’s sad is the same people on petty petitions won’t sign anything that has to do with really trying to better the community.

      • T.

        Those are my exact thoughts!

      • Queen Ariyah

        there isnt anything wrong with lolita. its not like zendaya is stellar actress either so as of right now i just cant see it but if comes on ill check it out

    • Guest

      If her own family can’t stop production of the film, i’m not sure what these people think a petition will do.

    • Who cares what she looks like as long as she does Aailyah and her story justice! I swear black folks LOVE to complain. Did JLo look like Selena? Did Angela Basset look exactly like Tina Turner? You guys were complaining about Lil Mama and Keke Palmer and they did justice to the roles of Chili and Left Eye. Jeez at least reserve your judgement until AFTER the film.

      Left Eye’s family wasn’t involved in the TLC movie yet y’all STILL watched. It was the highest rated VH1 movie.

      • jennellabella2

        I’ll wait til the movie come out. I say give her a chance.

      • Queen Ariyah

        Damn youre mad as hayle! LMAO! and actually JLO resembled Selena (Selena looks better) so yeah… but youre alittle too angry for me right so ill just let you cool off LOL

      • No I’m not angry lol

      • Queen Ariyah

        well oops lol

    • lilmissmatched

      Lolita price is brown skinned and what the hell has she done lately to render ANY kind of relevancy??? Casting a instagram nobody like that would have tanked this already doomed project FOR SURE. Zendaya’s accomplished and popular among the younger audience and hits EVERY other mark of resemblance to Aaliyah more that anyone else you can think of. Casting directors made a SMART choice. You don’t just cast someone because they’re your fave on IG.

      • Queen Ariyah

        ummm shes not my fav and i don’t use IG. also you dont know what lolita can or cant do. she does some acting and landed her first role for something else. everybody needs to start somewhere so to say that the movie would tank just because she isnt already established isn’t true. and regardless of what you say lolita looks just like her, brown or not

      • Lina Kennedy Crawford

        You sound ignorant

      • lilmissmatched

        Yes, because evaluating the marketing viability of a business decision made for a public broadcast is SOOOO ignorant.

      • Lina Kennedy Crawford

        on a final note, just because lolita price isn’t as well known as zendaya, doesn’t mean she can’t act or has talent, and just because zendaya is well known, doesn’t automatically make her a great actress either. people need to be more open minded, especially in hollywood.

  • NVAdamzz

    I personally don’t understand why people think an Aaliyah biopic is necessary anyway. Especially those who think she should get a full silver screen production like Notorious. I like her music and I was a fan but I’m more curious to see what the movie will be about than I am excited to see the movie. Also, I agree with people who say that this movie shouldn’t be made if the family doesn’t agree.

  • chase


    • You’renotme

      LMAO! smh

    • cupcake

      I think drake tried out for aaliyah

    • lynda

      briliant.Mariah Carey should play Aretha Franklin lol

    • Brittany

      and Barbara Streisand can play Gladys Knight

  • cairo

    Am I the only one who didn’t know Aaliyah was mixed race? I must have missed something cos Zendaya certainly is Mixed…Anyhow i will watch the film, I loved Aaliyah, i would have loved to have seen how she worked a room and sent grown men like Jay Z and Damon Dash gaga over her

    • nah son

      Because she wasn’t mixed race smh…aaliyah was black so just stop!

    • tina


      • lyric

        She was being sarcastic

    • Lina Kennedy Crawford

      Aaliyah was Native American Zendaya looks nothing like Aaliyah Aaliyah was Brownskin Zendaya is Lightskin And Lolita Price looks more like aaliyah then Zendaya Lolita Price can sing act and dance

      • mo

        Aaliyah was NOT Native American, she was BLACK. Unbelievable!

      • Lina Kennedy Crawford

        She was natve American and black is a color not an ethnicity

  • yourtackii

    What about keily williams from the cheetah girls

  • She better do Aaliyah justice. That is a big roll to play. I’m a bit iffy about this movie. But that is a big roll to fill.

  • GreenDreams

    who’s idea was this…..

  • Virginia Solomon

    It’s sad when African Americans can’t even be played by an African American in a Biography about a real African American. And it’s even more SAD that African Americans accept this kind of tomfoolery. Why won’t you all ever get mad at any real disservice being done to you?! You’re quick to defend older actors who basically played coons so “we could be here today” but then you don’t acknowledge that you still aren’t “here today” because a black person can’t even play a black person now. Dumb! Oh wait, now you’re going to try to convince me she’s black too. Whatever. Nope. Reject.

  • te

    thats what she was black why would u get beyonce to play miley cirus she might bring out the type of artist her up bringing and back ground that tells where she came from is going to b told it should come from her race they should get rihanna she is the type of dancer alliyah was and she did real good in battleship thought they was going to let her play whitney but if u are doing a bio of someone life u shouldnt skip her race because someone get the point out it doesnt look right 4 another race to portray a black race when the struggle she might have had only a black could feel or know like a black person dont know what it feels like to struggle on a farm but we can inmagine

  • You’renotme

    Something telling me she would pull it off! She is very tall and slim like Aaliyah and she can sing and act! Let’s just see what she will do before we throw stones.

  • chris

    im a gay troll that nobody cares about



    • guestestest

      Lol wth, so random

  • Key

    They said the same thing about KeKe Palmer with TLC movie and she did so good. So Idk

  • Truth

    I guess the reason everyone is fussing because it’s been 13 years since her death and no one else made an Aaliyah movie? Why? Is this going to be the only movie about Aaliyah? How many Elvis, Buddy Holly and Beatle movies have been made? It’s not that serious folks! I hope they do a good job and life goes on…

  • BUCK


  • newdnewd

    lolita price should have been picked for the role, period.

  • Guest

    Zendaya as Aaliyah… NO.

  • LucySkyDiamond

    Damn I thought drake wanted to play her smh

  • Carlos

    It’s a better choice than Gloria Torres playing Gloria Estefan in her upcoming movie. Gloria & Gloria are two different races and colors and look nothing alike.

  • Brittany

    They should’ve gotten Keshia Chante.

  • yehkolyah

    Lotlita should definitely get that roll zendaya is not the best fit

  • ashley wiggins

    i think people is just hatin off of zendaya just becuase they want to act that role gone head daya do your thing and forget about those haters yall just need to chill and leave zendaya alone and quit being mean