Damon Richardson

Black Twitter Reminisces Using #YouAintBlackIf Hashtag [Photos]



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  • Tanya

    Im knowin about all them pics

    • Whitty Huton Wuld Toor AKA DD

      Every single one lol!

  • YouAlreadyKnow!

    Lmao at the “Country Crock” butter container!! I’m using one for my cereal right now!! Too funny!

    • MaryP


      • YouAlreadyKnow!

        I’m a hoodrat because I use a cleaned, reusable container to eat out of?? That’s called being resourceful, something Black folks are famous for. Gthoh with ur useless comment.

    • Guest

      Nooo my mom use it for bacon grease and leftovers…lmao

      • YouAlreadyKnow!

        Hehe. Hellz Yeh. The leftover container!! I love being Black too! Sh!t. We’re the original plastic container recyclers. Lols..

      • Jada4610

        Me and my mom always say that my grandma was recycling way before it was cool.

      • YouAlreadyKnow!

        That’s cos your grandma was resourceful, probably never liked to see things go to waste and cos she was cool herself 😉

  • IKnowImBlack

    The outfit Uc wears to the cookout! Lol! The fruit magnets were funny too.

    • IKnowImBlack

      uncle, not Uc

    • MsBrilly

      Those fruit magnets LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    OMG…the memories. I remember that little plastic rug I use to trip over after it curled up. Yep, I use to chill on the damn generator with my friends…until my mother came out yelling get off that damn power box fool…lol. They forgot cool aide and bologna sandwiches… lmao.

  • Wake Up

    I HATE “Black Twitter,” and yes, I’m black. Ignorance.

  • NYCbaby

    LMAO Every last one of them are so TRUE!!

  • Reese

    The street light was your curfew

    • Rachael

      Omg Yes! Lmao! My daddy didn’t play! Lol

  • Too funny

    OMG LMAO thank u for this clip didn’t know how funny he is!

  • William

    I love these types of memories. Its these things we do in unison and with a light hearted humor that brings our culture together in laughter and remembrance. I too love being black! Lol!

  • Jada4610

    #youain’tblackif you didn’t look at the food on #2 and go eewwwhhhh.

    • Aaliyah Noelle

      I ain’t black then.

  • Tia

    Every one of these brought up a memory from my childhood… thanks black Twitter for the “laugh till I cried” moment I just had

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    Lmao leave it to black twitter to make my day….
    Them dang clackers!!! Woah I couldn’t stand em

  • Whitty Huton Wuld Toor AKA DD

    I guess I’m black as hell lol.

  • Me

    These pics brought back some good memories…man I miss the good ol days

  • tinytimbeckybright

    i really wanted to talk trash but dammit.. EVERY DAM PIC applies to my life. it got scary with the pic on page 4. grandma STILL got it hangin in her living room lol

  • broadway nuvo

    black or HISPANIC

  • KhaleesiMom

    Oh NO!! I’m not black enough? Never saw some of these pics.. I’ve gotta do better for real… just sad to me right now.

  • egyptian princess

    u aint black if you didn’t wear a ragtail comb out your back pocket u aint black if u didn’t get a perm and wore raps. u aint black if you didn’t wear gel and wore a side slick. u aint black if you didnt wore your hair in a fan.

  • única

    Guess I’m not black because none of this applied except the roasting pot. These aren’t black identifiers these are socioeconomic identifiers.

  • Anonymous

    Memories! Lololol =D