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Rapsody: A Hip-Hop Golden Child Coming For Her Crown


Hip-Hop Wired: What’s your relationship like with 9th Wonder?

Rapsody: He’s one of my best friends. 9th and Jamla in general, really. We’re like family. I met him in the fall of 2005. He’s always been the same person – really humble, really laid back. He’s really passionate about the culture and passionate about teaching and helping people learn. I almost have to step back sometimes and be like, ‘Yo, this is 9th Wonder.’ But he’s always made me comfortable around him, from day one. Everybody knows everybody, we all know each other’s families. It’s a really open, fun environment.

As an artist, as far as business goes, he makes it really easy. There’s no coming down on you or being impatient with you because he understands it’s a learning process. On the music tip, the beauty is that he doesn’t box you in. He gives you that room to create and try anything. As long as we keep the communication open, ya know.

Hip-Hop Wired: What has been your biggest accomplishment since your Return of the B-Girl mixtape debut?

Rapsody: Wow, that’s a lot… three years ago! Three years ago, soon. The Time magazine was a dope look. We all know Time magazine is at the top.

Hip-Hop Wired: Has a rapper, or maybe someone you looked up to, ever said anything to you that made you think ‘Ok, I’m doing something right’?

Rapsody: I have to say Nas.

Hip-Hop Wired: O yea? That’s fly.

Rapsody: Nas is one of the greatest. Illmatic is one of the greatest Hip-Hop albums of all time […] We were all at a festival in Minnesota one day – me, 9th, Ab-Soul, Alchemist. Nas had just gotten off stage, and we all headed to the trailer to chill. 9th went ahead and played him something of mine. It was just so unexpected, it caught me so off guard –– Nas came up to me later and asked if we were going to collaborate, if were we going to do something together. I said ‘mannn, anytime, anywhere!’

Hip-Hop Wired: That’s the ill co-sign.

Rapsody: The ill co-sign, just to have someone say that to me and to tell me that I’m something the game really needs. And from a legend. That was big for me.

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  • love&logic

    One of the coldest female spitters in the game…no f*ck that, one of the coldest spitters period and NO comments? Wow…music fans must really be satisfied with below average when true talent isn’t even recognized. Man I man. ..

    Peace people. Enjoy the Sunday…