Damon Richardson

Bangin Candy: “Cuffin Season” Model Maya Dutch [Photos]



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  • Big lake

    Y’all post bum PROSTITUTES. This chick a runner fa sho. She look like she needs a one way ticket to Vegas cuz it’s legal over there. This site is trash.

    • Pam

      Low self esteem.

    • yepisaidit

      Prostitution is not legal in the city of Las Vegas you idiot. The only thing “big” about you is your ego. Kill yourself…

      • 80baby313

        What about that famous brothel in Nevada that was featured on hbo.

      • bigdawgman

        It’s outside of the city, out in the country somewhere.

      • yepisaidit

        That’s not in Las Vegas. It’s closer to Reno. It’s legal in other parts of the state of Nevada, not Clark County.

      • Big lake

        you’ll go for $150 tho. stop talking or ima put something in ya mouth for ya…

        i want to see some fit, banging, dimes… not these back alley injection thots takin pics in they mama room. she look like the chick up the block i bagged, with two kids who come visit her on the weekends… she a slum thot lmaooo.

      • yepisaidit

        A slum thot u pay 150 bucks to bang. No, I’m Lmao.


    Do people really find this kind of body attractive?

  • Nicole

    Plastic and tired!!! All of the “models” look the same. YAWN!!!!

  • Her arse is definitely fake. I would beat that pu$$y up still. I have known about her since 2010

    • Tamara Jones

      Well…you’re a man, so…that doesn’t surprise me.

      • Trendsetter

        Well that’s all that matters bc women improve their look FOR MEN. Not you.. you just a hatin A$$ female.

      • Tamara Jones

        Never hating on anyone. Calling a spade a spade!!

  • disqus_mcNbCYslzC

    Naomi Campbell is a model. Cynthia Bailey was a model. Tyra Banks was a model. This trick is not.

    • Tamara Jones

      Not at all!! “Desperate!”

  • DayDay

    check her IG….he a rap groupie just waiting on the next dumb one to get her pregnant so she can stop fuckin for cheese smdh

  • Tamara Jones

    Ugh!! Fake, Fake, & more Fake!!

  • DRUNK247

    A whole generation of fake a zzez.SMH

    • I remember from 98-02 the video girls stood out now these hoes all look the same no matter if they’re Asian,white,black or latina same fake @ss,fake tit’s and hair.

  • QueenAlina

    I am tired of all these fake and plastic barbie dolls!!! Will the women with real curves Please Stand Up!!!

  • Brittany

    how much did her surgery cost

  • Patrice Slater-Lee

    Dang that bathroom photo is disgusting, is that a tam?

  • Guest

    Her body looks ridiculously fake! They want what black women have naturally. Some Latinas do have shapes, but not to this extent.

  • Why dont they never show actual models instead of chicks who just put on a cute outfit and take a pic?

  • Joanna Truth

    She’s from the Netherlands… So, obviously this body is FAKE! Someone please kill this FAKE Kim Kardasian want to be

  • Joeblow

    big obviously fake butt check the thighs…… pass

  • Another plastic weaved latina who will be robbing nuggas real soon.

  • truther

    fake from the butt to the chest to the face. Where the REAL WOMAN at?

  • aglo

    Im actually curious as to what some of these women will look like post menopausal. I’m sure there is a vast spectrum of the quality of the work done on their bodies, but what’s the shelf life? Tattoos look badass on old folks to me but people always say “how will it look when you’re old”. maybe if they work out they can maintain it. just curious. We will know in about 20 years. #patientlywaiting

  • aglo

    also, i took a look at her IG. I think she got a boob job and fat transfer. she seems like she’s naturally heavier anyway so if the sucked all that fat out her stomach and put it in her thighs and hips i guess that’s better than cement and healthier.

  • syd

    She so bad tho

  • Fake

  • These fake arse are killing me and the sad part is you people can’t see the difference.