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Meth User Arrested After Harassing Man He Mistook For An Alien


Apparently one of the side effects of crystal meth is seeing aliens driving around in spaceships –or at least that’s what 44-year-old James Bushart thought was going on. What he believed to be an alien in a spaceship was actually just some dude and his girlfriend riding around in a Plymouth Prowler.

The alien/man, Jay Ward, called the cops on Bushart for following him around Bryant, Ariz. Ward and his girlfriend were in the car together, and according to the police report Bushart was making threatening gestures, then rolled up on the couple demanding that the “alien take his spaceship back where it came from.”

Ward’s pretty sure that the car is what confused Bushart. “That was my biggest problem with what was going on was how upset he was,” said Ward. “I guess in reference to the vehicle was the only thing I could think. I was a little upset about that mostly because I also had a passenger with me that was concerned for her safety as well.”

Bushart was acting nervous and shaky when cops pulled him over. He later failed a field sobriety test and a meth pipe was found in his possession.

The cops  probably didn’t need the test to verify that he was high, but just in case there was any doubt Bushart rattled off some pretty incoherent statements. For starters, he said that Ward’s car “looked like a futuristic time machine.” He also said that he was “a very big deal and had 100,000 Asian flowers ” (whatever that means).

Bushart was charged with DWI and disorderly conduct.

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