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Rick Ross Run Out Of Detroit, Afraid For His Life?


Despite millions of fans, Rick Ross has plenty of people willing to put hands on him and do him bodily harm. Case in the point, the goons in Detroit that allegedly ran the Bawse out of town. 

Rozay was scheduled to perform at  107.5′s Summer Jamz in Detroit last night, June 21. However, the “Sanctified” rapper never made it to the venue as word is that he was afraid for his life. 

The Smoking Section reports the details:

According to rumors, Ross dipped after finding out that 100 “fans” were waiting for him at the Chene Park venue. They say Ross didn’t even step foot on stage before he and his crew packed their shit and got the hell up outta Detroit. As a result, Ross has been banned (again?) from ever stepping foot in the Motor City.

This is the second time Rozay has had problems in Detroit. His empty tour bus was robbed of thousands of dollars in jewelry, clothes and other personal items in 2012. While many suspected local rapper Trick Trick was behind the burglary, Trick denied his involvement. “I wasn’t gona entertain this weak sh*t but, if I wanted to get officer ricky, I’d get em! Not tear up a tour bus! That’s B*TCH sh*t! GSM,” he tweeted July 2012.

Coincidentally, Trick posted the cover art for his mixtape, No Fly Zone, shortly after Ross reportedly left Detroit. For those short on memory, he just dropped a “No Fly Zone” video back in May so we’ll assume Trick’s taken over handling all tourist accommodations and reservations for rappers looking to visit the D. He said in the song “I’m just a phone call away, come here without permission, I don’t wanna hear shit you got to say.” Guess Rawse didn’t know Trick meant business.

Late last night, Ross made light of the situation on Twitter, posting a pic of himself along with the caption, “Luv #Detroit I wuz ready to killm 2nite,heard it wuz a peace protest wit picket signs and locked gates haa.”

Check out the vid of the Detroit crowd being told Ross will not be performing on the flip. What about the folk in the Detroit that want to see Ross perform, though?

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Photo: Instagram

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  • Rosemary Davis

    I have no idea what this man has done that has cause so many people gunning for his life but since there is so many I believe it’s just a matter of time I was him I would be afraid to go any where.

    • regalpimp

      When you talk that gangster and goon life, and promote that Tony Montana lifestyle, the ones that REALLY are about that life will want to see if you’re really about that life…and from the looks of it, he isn’t…

      • SnowStormsinDetroit

        You think neggas who are “really about that life” got time to stand outside a concert venue & try to beat you up if you don’t pay them b4 you go rap for kids??? Lmaoooo.

        That type shyt is the definition of “NOT BEING ABOUT THAT LIFE” if you ask me!

      • regalpimp

        It’s deeper than what you’re saying…you can’t talk that slick gangsta ish without being about it…didn’t his Bentley already catch 100 bullet holes??? He’s rubbing a lot of people the wrong way with his sideways comments…It’s almost like he reallY believes that he is the persona he raps about…

      • SnowStormsinDetroit

        I get that. But you have to understand that this wasn’t a challenge to his credibility whatsoever. This was a TAX. A tax that Trick mediocre azzz expects everyone to pay.

        He trying to get his own pockets up on behalf of our city regardless of how credible or uncredible the rapper is. So it’s actually deeper than just Trick targeting low-cred neggas.

      • IknowYouknow

        Gangsters anywhere, from America to Europe to Africa to Asia and beyond have always been into extortion. If they can, they’ll try to strong-arm you into paying them ‘taxes’.
        The thing is, people that are really active in the underworld can easily identify themselves. There’s always someone to vouch for you, and your history speaks for itself….or you’ll get exposed and become a target. Nothing more dangerous than a fake trying to fit in with real criminals….it’s like swimming with sharks.
        So yes, dudes who are about that life can and would attempt to assault you for not paying up. Do you know how much money they can be making if they establish an order that requires artists to pay them off before performing in Detroit? Now, I’m not condoning the BS, just stating that this is right out of the playbook of dudes that are “about that life”

      • SnowStormsinDetroit

        Negga please. I don’t need a history lesson on the different tactics of the criminal underworld. Where are you from? Serious question negga.

        If I come to your house stick a gun in yo face & run your pockets am I now also part of this long history of extortion that’s existed in the underworld for centuries??? What criminal element is going to broadcast this type of shyyt other than the stupid negga element? On the radio? On TV? Telling neggas you about to extort them??? I’m sure you’ll have examples but it just means you’ve missed the point completely.

        It’s like this…If you can’t tell the difference between thugs, goons, gangsters, & official crime lords that’s yo business. But I’m actually from Detroit, & neggas around here REALLY GIT MONEY! Ain’t nobody got time to be standing outside concert venues asking for handouts.

    • somebodyhadtosayit14

      Its not just Ross tht sis fake is all rappers. Even though some of them may have a modicum of street cred the point is that NO ONE I repeat NO ONe lives the life they rap about. If they did they would be in prison or dead. But the bigger problem is not Ross but the over negative downward trajectory of music that I have noticed in the past year or so. 1) Rap is being taken over by white people ie. Macklemore and Iggy Azalea 2) and more concerning is the negative messages that are utterly DESTROYING our communities. Cases in point. Pills and Potions Nicki Minaj is encouraging the use of booze and pills to overcome the pain of relation ship problems. Ths is directed towards children because there is a part in the video where she is smiling with braces on her teeth. That is a slick subconscious way to connect with your girls as they see themselves in her because they too wear braces. She should be beheaded for that. Also song Young Nikka MOve that dope. Excuse me that is the problem now that our your black men are being led down the wrong path. we are on the verge of losing a generation and songs like this increase the already likely likelihood. And the way the chorus is chanted over and over again at that speed is hypnotic. Don’t think that the record lablel honchos don’t know that. That is the point to destroy us as a people and these fools that are rapping this music don’t have sense to realize it or maybe even worse they don’t care because their pockets are being lined at the cost of their community. The creators of young nikka move that dope deserve a similar if not worse fate as Nikki deserves. So all in All Rick Ross’ messages are not half as bad as the messages being sent out by other. Attack the real enemy the people are destroying the psyche of black people.

      • James Hoffer

        Method man has said this 20 years ago………..and you have only noticed a negative downward trajectory in the last year or so? try the last 15 years or so.

      • IknowYouknow

        Rick Ross is in the same boat with the artists you’ve mentioned. His whole image is based on glorifying “moving weight” and posing as a crime boss. He’s certainly a negative influence.

  • SO SAD

    SMH@ so called ” adults” trying to imitate mobster tactics, it’s childish and ignorant because none of them own or manage corporations or even the houses they live in
    yet they try to run the streets until the cops load up and tell them to get their black azzes off the streets.
    So fkn pathetic.

  • frank

    Trick trick, WHAT A NAME, Is damn near 40 years old still acting like a freshman in high school. Fake or not I like some of Rick Ross music and this trick ninja is jealous. How many albums has trick sold about 5? #jealouslywillgetyounowhere

  • PolkaDots

    Come to Detroit without PERMISSION? hahaha – I’ve been to Detroit and he should be happy if ANYONE wants to come there. Dude’s lame.

    • The Bronx

      I think the hood goons charge rappers a ghetto “tax” in order to come there, perform, and make money off of the people of Detroit in peace. They think they’re the mafia or some sh-t.

      • Ty

        that’s dumb cuz white artist comes and performs and make money all the time, they aint paying no taxes and hanging out at black owned clubs or bringing money into the black community. At least if a Rapper, such as Rick Ross comes, the promote, who is locale gets paid, the venue locale-gets paid, when people buy drinks and food-venue gets paid. The noflyzone makes no sense, its just blacks hating on blacks, blacks stopping blacks from making money and thats why we continue to kill each other. The hate is thick and the stupidity is even thicker.

      • James Hoffer

        That’s how NY use to be………oh I miss those days…..when we were UNITED as NY’ers……………….gone. Detroit is real, just like Shy town…… better be ready!

    • i love tha D

      Detroit is not all bad like people make it out,,,it has its issues,,but it is a great place,,,,,born and raised….aint nothing like tha D……

      • PolkaDots

        If you say so.

  • kay B

    Dont nobody in Detroit wanna kill Rick Ross! He rap all that gangsta ish but he weak a** hell! Im from the D and Tric Tric be scaryin these phony gangsta’s lol Boosie came this weekend too and he partied hard with the D, so Tric Tric aint say nothing or do anything wit Boosie..oh wait Boosie a real thug tho

    • Ty

      is it about paying taxes or is it about being real? I dont think Jay Z or Kanye West paying taxes or calling Trick Trick, saying they coming to perform, i just think its stupid as hell.

  • CrashC

    SnowStormsinDetroit is right. These dudes are always running up on “The B-C Team” trying to get “taxes” for filming on “their” lots or playing in their city. These bums physically own nothing, so the fact they want someone to pay them to play in their city boggles the mind. Good job Detroit. Keep up the good work and support this Trick (who calls himself a Trick?) and no one will play in your city. Oh yeah, If you about that life and taxes are due to whoever comes to your city, run up on HOV when he gets there. Yep…exactly…Trick.

    • LoudnGunz

      Allstate strip club on 8 mile like 2002.. The roc came through and left quickly… Beans and Chris had to do songs with the goons. STL ft young Chris and sigel….

  • bigdawgman

    Detroit Police on break? If I’m the promoter I’d be mad AF! He probably has to pay Rick anyway, although I guess he didn’t have to refund any money to the audience. Rick should have jumped on one of the other acts’ buses and snuck in.

    • ThatGirl

      Not a fan of either of them. But Trick Trick’s crew is full of off duty police (and some probably on duty too). They should all be charged with extortion and brought to justice. Him and his police crew!

  • i love tha D

    This so stupid…..but Rick Ross is a bubble gum thug……if u cant take tha heat stay tha he11 out tha kitchen..

  • keep hope alive Detroit

    You would hav to be born and raised in tha D to understand it,,,,it hasnt always been lil burned down Africa,,,Detroit was si beutiful before ths riots and before crack invasion,,,,Detroit has some beautiful people and careing,,, its not all bad,,,,fawk what u heard,,,,a change is coming in Detroit and we will get our beautiful city back….

    • Jay Lamont


  • @MickeyKnox

    They got the first part all wrong. “Fans” were not protesting, Trick Trick and his goon squad was. Police was on the scene, but couldn’t do anything as they were not being violent. Ross decided to leave because, they wouldn’t move and he felt it was a security risk. To all the lame ducks in the comments, yeah detroit has gone down but it’s not as bad as it looks on your local tv. Just like everywhere else you have bad parts of the city, but you also have parts with million dollar homes in the city not in a suburb. So if you not from Here don’t speak on something you know nothing about. Also everyone came to see Ross, Detroit fans don’t even agree with the supposed no fly zone. Trick Trick doesn’t hold us down in national hip hop this dude did this for his 15 mins of game stop giving this lame attention!

  • alinaatthehundreds


  • James Hoffer

    Heads hate that boy because he was basically poe poe now tryin to be Kingpin rapper ……………all righty then.

  • James Hoffer

    I take it you don’t believe in evolution and Charles Darwin?