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10 Times Rick Ross Found Himself In An Awkward Situation [Photos]


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The 50 Cent (Extended) Situation

50 Cent really took the Pimpin’ Curly thing to the extreme but at least it was funny. And the Pimpin Curly mini-segments snatched up over a million views on YouTube.

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  • Brittany

    i heard he lost 100 lbs which is great. Now if we can get Vince Herbert and Jazze Pha to slim down that would be great.

    • ThaTruthful1

      For real though!!!…On “R&B Divas” Jazze Pha looks like a fully clothed Jabba The Hut.

      • Brittany

        *hands you a plane ticket and luggage* you gotta go lol

      • ThaTruthful1

        You know I’m right but I can use a vacay though LOL!!!

      • king

        Dude that was hilarious!! LOL!!!

    • Aang


  • nobody cares about the 10 meals Officer Ricky missed

  • sceezone

    First, let’s stop calling him Rick Ross. Dude is not Rick Ross.

  • prettyassdominque

    The Louis Vuitton statement is actually false. In fashion all you need is 7 differences from the actual product in order for counterfeiting to be legal so the manufacturers probably didn’t break any laws but it obviously is frowned upon to wear fake designer items as well as state that they’re genuine LV in the magazine.

  • Trinity137

    He is a walking parasite!!!!
    He’s fat, has tattoos, smokes, drinks, glorifies shoes sewn by slaves….so on and so forth!

    Do you think his whole persona is by accident?
    He is a sick soul.
    He has the knowledge. You see what he chooses to do with it….infect little kids with his poisonous music.

    Are you guys awake?

    • Brittany

      he’s not fat anymore

      • Trinity137

        He is fat….just because he’s skinnier doesn’t make skinny or fit.
        He’s sick!
        He smokes, drinks and has tattoos.
        He has f*kcd his whole temple up.

        But anyways….I’m glad funny works for you.

      • Brittany

        are you done?

      • Aang


      • Aang


  • BaybeK8s

    I wonder is Rick Ross had a chance to put on his sports bra before he took off running ran out of the D? Lying bubble eyed piece of …

  • Tonyee

    God, he’s so freakin’ weird…

  • Aang