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Bow Wow Changes His Name, Black Twitter Couldn’t Care Less [Photos]



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  • OutHerSpace….

    Black folks and their ignorant way of thinking. He’s a MAN. It’s called growing up. Something human beings do. It’s grown, and good for further business ventures, not just music. But of course why would these idiots think of that?? LOLL Growing up?? What’s that? SMH

    • L Kat

      U r absolutely right! But c’mon have a sense of humor. We still call Keisha Knight – Rudy, The Olsen twins-Michelle, Raven Symone – Olivia ,etc. It comes with the territory of being successful a child star.

      • OutHerSpace….

        oh no no no no i understand all of that. But that’s not the same case here because none of the people you mentioned were ever purposely or professionally labeled as such…it”s not that serious. But lets be real here….black folks really do frown upon people moving forward.

      • NoReallywho

        The funniest part about it is the fact that he had to make an “announcement” like this was some earth shattering news. Other rappers have quietly changed their names, especially ones that are actors too. You just start to see their government names in the credits and you think, “oh ok i see you Bow Wow.” The fact that he found it necessary to release a press release about it like we care is hilarious!!

      • Aang



      Oh please! It’s funny because he is IRRELEVANT. Nobody cares, and these tweets are funny as h3ll.

      • OutHerSpace….

        I’m sorry do you have a show you’re hosting right now? What does relevancy have to do with business ventures? The man has a following still.


        106 and Park ain’t shyt. He is BROKE. He had to FINANCE a lambo and then DEFAULTED. Nobody with neurons watches that tired a s s show. Anybody could be hosting that shyt. I am sorry you are one of 3 fans of his. You can call him by his gov name, but he will always be Lil Bow wow

      • lolol

        How the fawk do you know if he is broke.His resume is taller than you!! He should have a camara follow him to your house and say put you money where your key board at lolololol lets see how it stands beside his money. Your stack looking short lolol


        bow wow is that u?

    • Lucky502

      So sick of Black folks labeling each other as ignorant…Black people have our share of issues just like anybody else, but we are the most original, creative and soulful people on the planet!

      (((((BLACK LOVE)))))

    • Mark

      Agree with you, and if the fans don’t like it, so be it they’ll get over it, and if not cry a river if they most. Who pay his bills, Shad Moss.


    Only person who pulled that off successfully was Diddy.

  • It’s annoying to click on a million pages just to view pics. Moguldilumb is desperate for clicks and doesn’t care about black folks

  • ablain

    Who are these people on twitter? Are they even people?

    • Aang


  • Patrice Slater-Lee

    whatever you say Bow Wow, oh it is still the 24th. I will be sure to call him that on June 30th. it takes a lot more effort to have people change your name like that out of nowhere and your name ain’t Diddy, Hova or the Boss rick ross, fall back bruh.

  • ibramblebush

    Queen Latifah still goes by Queen Latifiah, L.L. Cool J., still goes by his name. He’s silly to change his name this late in the game. If I was him I would have changed ti to something like Shad “Bow Wow” Moss or Shad Moss aka “Mr. Bow Wow”. You know, gradually move to his government name, but I he’s silly to give up the “Bow Wow” name, he’s going to have totally rebuild his brand from nothing.

  • Brittany

    you can go by your government name, ya neighbors name, ya favorite rappers childhood nickname and we STILL won’t care

    • Aang


  • STL

    And it’s couldn’t care less, dumb morons.

  • onestepforward

    I still call Sean puffy so good luck to him.

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Lol, cause i bet people will still call him Bow Wow just to be a $ $ wipes >:)

  • shellyTheGreat

    good, he should have done this years ago.

  • rosiero

    **Couldn’t care less

    • Aang


  • Aang