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Three teenage boys found themselves in jail after police discovered that they were in cahoots during a robbery for prized Air Jordan sneakers.

Chicago Tribune reports that Jaime A. Muniz, 18, arranged to meet a 15-year-old boy he connected with through a website “dedicated to the sale and trading of shoes.” The two were to make a cash transaction for two pairs of Air Jordan shoes worth $100 and $50, respectively, on Monday (June 16) outside of a pharmacy in Chicago suburb, Bolingbrook.

But Muniz and his cohorts, Marshall K. Williams, 18, and Jarry N. Hall, 19, reportedly had something more deviant in mind. The trio planned to rob the teen while the money was being tendered by creating an impression that Muniz, too, was a victim.

Williams and Hall positioned themselves around the corner the soon-to-be robbery seen after Muniz dropped them off. Soon after the duo attacked the teen, took the sneakers, and Muniz’s cash.

Muniz fled the scene in his car, while the other two teens left on foot. But in an odd turn of events, Muniz flagged down police, claiming to be a victim. Local authorities soon after found Williams hiding in a nearby yard with the assistance of a police dog, and later discovered Hill.

A further investigation revealed the trio’s plot, and led to them being jailed on $3oK bond, according to the Will County Sheriff’s Office website.

Muniz and Williams were released from jail on Tuesday (June 17), while Hall is still behind bars according to the website.

Photo: Will County Sheriff’s Office

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