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Paul George Says NBA Lifestyle Prevents Him From Caring For Stripper Love Child [Photos]


Indiana Pacers star Paul George could have done much worse than the former stripper accusing him of getting her pregnant. However, his defense against the paternity suit is definitely worth its Similac in struggle.

A new report by the NYDailyNews finds George allegeding that his NBA lifestyle of traveling (including in the off-season) renders him incapable of caring for a child in any capacity.

To backtrack, George was slapped with a child support suit by Daniela Rajic, 24, on May 24 after she says a private paternity test confirmed the NBA All-Star to be the father of the baby born on May 1. The suit claims that she and George slept together on several occasions in August 2013 while out in Miami where she worked as an exotic dancer.

George previously stated through his legal team should the child prove to be his, he will then embrace his duties as a father. A recently unsealed petition reads quite the opposite reading, “Respondent is not capable of care of the child as the child’s custodial parent due to, among other things, his professional obligations, his lifestyle and his residency away from the child. Respondent, who is an all-star professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association, is in a travel status during the season and during the off-season.”

The struggle has been sticking closer to George more peskily than the Miami Heat’s defense. He just recently emerged from scandalous rumours that he was catfished by a man posing as a woman.

Since we know your interest is piqued, there are a few flicks of Ms. Rajic in the gallery for your reference. Like we said, George could have done much worse.

Photos: Twitter, Instagram/Paul George

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