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Hip-Hop’s favorite bling-bling connoisseur, Jacob “The Jeweler” Arabo, has been newly implicated in a case of illegal gold mining in Swaziland, Africa.

An employee of Arabo’s company, Jacob and Co, is currently imprisoned after being caught with 27kg of the high-quality gold, illegally unearthed from untapped portions of the Lufafa Mountains.

Via Observer:

Investigations by the Sunday Observer found that, in Swaziland, Jacob and Co. has been given a license to prospect for gold in the Northern Hhohho region.

According to the license, the company has been given permission to prospect 22 million hectares of the Northern Hhohho Mountains.

However, it has been ascertained that the company has now been instructed to stop carrying out the prospecting after it was found to be engaged in an illegal mining of gold at Lufafa Mountain.

To explore for gold is a process where you work on an area to ascertain how much gold is available and the quality thereof, no mining is involved.

During the prospecting, a source said, whatever gold that they would come across is supposed to be forwarded to the Central Bank because it belongs to the King.

Government is reported to have been informed that what the team from Jacob and Co. was no longer prospecting but mining.

This observation is said to have been raised by people living around the Lufafa Mountain who saw the amount of machinery at the company’s site.

It is still unclear what sanctions Jacob and Co. will face, but this isn’t the first time “The Jeweler” has found himself in hot waters. According to reports, Arabo helped members of the notorious Detroit Black Mafia Family to launder millions of dollars.

He was convicted of federal charges circa 2008 and sentenced to two and half years in federal prison. He was let go in 2010.

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